Are custodes stronger than Primarchs?

Are custodes stronger than Primarchs?

They are made more like the primarchs than a space marine and are far stronger, faster, and better equipped than the space marines. The 10000 custodes would be like having 10000 smaller primarchs.

What can kill a custodes?

Subject: How to beat custodes? Saturate them in Fire power or Combat Power and they should go down. 3++ invul is only so good against 50 1dmg dice. I would imagine 30 Devigaunts shooting 90 shoots would easily kill an entire unit.

Could a custodes defeat a primarch?

Primarchs are above even them and in a death duel, very few Custodes could hold against a Primarch. However, the Ten Thousand have numbers. The full might of the Adeptus Custodes, arrayed against even all 21 Primarchs, is going to be a tough fight.

How many custodes are left?

As a result of the inherent difficulty of their creation, the number of active Legio Custodes warriors has never, it is believed, exceeded 10,000.

Why are custodes so strong?

Ridiculously strong. Going by the lore the Custodes are the hand crafted Praetorian Guard of the Emperor himself. Some say that they were made from his own genetic material. Others that they were all created from his biological children.

Are custodes humans?

Homo sapiens sapiens and homo sapiens custodes have one ancestor, are contemporaries, make cultural exchange. But their genetic exchange is one-sided because homo sapiens custodes is an artificial offshoot, a genetic attachment on top of a homo sapiens sapiens raw biology. Culturally, they are all humans.

Are custodes still made?

The Custodes are Many They are still at full strength in the days of Guillimans’ return. After the Emperor’s interment in the Golden Throne, they remained at his side on Terra, to guard his person.

Are the custodes immortal?

Space Marines and Custodes are virtually immortal, given vastly extended lifespans, but not truly immortal until killed. Do note that such slowed down reflexes are in fractions of seconds, which still makes the Custodes or Astartes many times faster than a normal human.

Do custodes sleep?

They do, but space marines can go long periods of time without sleep. The Catalepsean Node gene seed organ can shut off parts of the brain, allowing a marine to “rest” while remaining alert.

Why did the custodes kill Primaris?

The official reason is that the Chapter appeared to have turned rogue, so the Custodes declared the Primaris guilty by association. The real reason is that that particular Custodes didn’t like Astartes at all and was itching for a reason to force a confrontation, which he did given the first opportunity.