Can I sell 30 round magazines on eBay?

Can I sell 30 round magazines on eBay?

No. Any magazine sold in violation of state or local law. High capacity magazines that accept more than 10 rounds are not allowed. Please note that some states may have a lower capacity limit.

Does eBay sell gun mags?

eBay has a strict size limit to the number of shells the magazine can contain. If the magazine fits an assault rifle of any type you cannot sell them on eBay. You will need to look up the prohibited item policy for guns to see the limits.

Why does eBay only sell 10 round magazines?

These listings are automatically populated when an item is missing by eBay’s search algorithm. To avoid conflict with other state laws, eBay based its firearms policy on California’s regulations, Ramirez said. EBay limits the sale of magazines to those that can hold 10 rounds or fewer, for example, mirroring state law.

Can you sell 17 round magazines on eBay?

Maybe someone higher up in Ebay has actually checked the law and found that the 12 round, 15 round, 18 round and even 20 or thirty round magazines etc are all legal to buy and sell in the United States of America.

Does eBay only sell 10 round magazines?

No. There are also magazines that were originally made to hold 15 rounds that have been modified to comply w/ gun laws limiting capacity to 10 rounds.

Is it legal to order gun parts?

The can buy parts kits, you can mill your own parts by hand, you can even build your own barrel, the law puts no restrictions on any of these with the exception of the firearm of receiver. Legally speaking the receiver is what makes a firearm a firearm according to federal law.

Can you sell lead bullets on Ebay?

You can buy and sell single bullets, shells, and even antique bombs and musket balls — as long as they have nothing explosive in them. Firearms and military weapons: No way can you sell any type of firearm that is designed to propel a metal (or similar) projectile, regardless of whether it works.

Can Ebay only sell 10 round magazines?

Is it legal to sell magazines?

It is illegal to sell, transfer or possess a “high-capacity” magazine (defined as greater than 15 rounds for firearms other than shotguns) unless the individual owned the large-capacity magazine on July 1, 2013, and maintained continuous possession of the large-capacity magazine.

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