Can US citizens visit Guantanamo Bay?

Can US citizens visit Guantanamo Bay?

All non-active duty personnel must have a current passport to get on NSGB. You must obtain passports (for the entire family), before arriving. Visitors will need an “Area Clearance” before they can be granted entry to NSGB.

What is the military like in Cuba?

Cuba’s army also has 1,400 major artillery pieces, 60 light and amphibious tanks, and 650 other armored vehicles, as well as 600 anti-tank guns. The Cuban Navy, with 12,000 men, maintains three submarines, two modern guided-missile frigates, and a large number of patrol craft and minesweepers.

What did Cuba do in ww2?

During World War II, the Cuban Navy escorted hundreds of Allied ships through hostile waters, sailed nearly 400,000 miles on convoy and patrol duty, flew over 83,000 hours on convoy and patrol duty, and rescued over 200 U-boat victims from the sea, all without losing a single warship or aircraft to enemy action.

What type of military does Venezuela have?

National Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela

National Bolivarian Armed Forces
Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana
Founded 19 April 1810
Current form December 1999
Service branches Strategic Command Operations Venezuelan Army Navy of Venezuela Venezuelan Air Force Venezuelan National Guard Venezuelan National Militia

How many Migs does Cuba have?

The force proposed for Cuba included 24 MRBM launchers and 16 IRBM launchers. There were two missiles (one as a spare) and one nuclear warhead for each launcher. There would also be four combat regiments, 24 SA-2 batteries, 42 MiG-21 interceptors, and 42 Il-28 bombers.

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Does Venezuela have nuclear power?

The nuclear energy programs of Venezuela started during the 1950s but currently there are no active nuclear power facilities. Venezuela does not mine radioactive minerals, but the government estimates that 50 tonnes of unexploited uranium ore are available in the country.