Can you live on Sapelo Island?

Can you live on Sapelo Island?

DNR operates the ferry service and serves as state liaison for the Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve, the University of Georgia Marine Institute, and the civilian Hog Hammock community, permanent home to about 70 full-time residents, many of whom are descended from the antebellum slaves of Sapelo’s …

Are cars allowed on Sapelo Island?

The Sapelo Island Visitors Center is open, with limited access. There are no roads going to Sapelo Island, therefore access to the island is restricted to pre-registered visitors only. Access can be acquired by: Participating in one of the tours offered by the Reserve/State (schedule below)

How do you get around on Sapelo Island?

The island is accessible only by boat, either a private one with permission to tie up at a small dock or a ferry that runs three times a day between the small town of Meridian on the mainland and the island, 5 miles off the coast.

Are there alligators on Sapelo Island?

Sapelo Island is home to venomous snakes (diamondback rattlesnakes, copperheads), bulls, boars, and alligators.

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Can you camp on Sapelo Island?

Join the Georgia Conservancy under the stars, camping at the spectacular Cabretta Beach campground on Sapelo Island’s north coast.

Where is Sapelo Island located?

McIntosh County

Are dogs allowed on Sapelo Island?

Leashed dogs are permitted on the ferry from Meridian with proof of current immunizations. The Sapelo Island Birdhouse Cottages allow guests to bring dogs for overnight stays. And while they’re free to roam the beaches, dogs should be kept on leash on uplands and marshlands.

What state is Cumberland Island in?


How do I get to Cumberland Island?

The only way to get to the island is by passenger ferry (not a car ferry) or private boat. For information about making a reservation with the National Park Service official concessionaire operated ferry visit our Reservations page or visit Cumberland Island Ferry website.

How much time do I need on Cumberland Island?

To see as much as possible, catch the first ferry (9 am departure). This gives visitors about six and a half hours to explore Cumberland Island.

How much does it cost to visit Cumberland Island?

Besides paying for the ferry transport, there is an entrance fee to visit the Cumberland Island National Seashore. It is $10/adult and free for youth and children under 16 years old. You will pay the entrance fee when you check in at the Mainland Visitor Center. Note: The America the Beautiful Pass is honored here.

Can you camp on Cumberland Island?

Cumberland Island offers five campgrounds , which include designated campsites at Sea Camp and Stafford Beach; and Wilderness campsites at: Hickory Hill, Yankee Paradise and Brickhill Bluff. Camping is only permitted in these five campgrounds. A permit is required to camp in any of these five camping areas.