Did Hiro die in heroes?

Did Hiro die in heroes?

In “Orientation”, Hiro still has headaches and effects of the illness he developed as a result of his restored powers and Ando insists he go see a doctor. Hiro reveals what he has; he’s dying of a terminal illness, news that shocks Ando.

Does Ichigo kiss Goro?

They bid each other farewell and she asks him to stay in contact with him. Goro then kisses Ichigo, which catches her off guard, making her flustered. Goro then says goodbye and leaves for his journey.

Who is Ichigo’s girlfriend?

Orihime Inoue

Did Rukia love Ichigo?

Tite Kubo brought the supernatural shonen title to a end, leaving Ichigo smitten with his wife Orihime while Rukia got together with her childhood friend Renji. However, fans did not that Ichigo did have his moments of affection for both Rukia and Orihime.

Do Ichigo and Rukia have a baby?

After all, Bleach ended with Ichigo married to Inoue Orihime while Rukia married Renji Abarai. The couples divided fans, but that was only the beginning. Soon enough, the story revealed that both Ichigo and Rukia had kids of their own. As for Ichigo’s kid, Kazui Kurosaki is the only son of the Substitute Soul Reaper.

Who is really the strongest Espada?

Coyote Starrk

Who is Espada number 7?

Notable Members

Rank Name Zanpakutō
Sexta (6th) Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Pantera
Séptima (7th) Zommari Rureaux† Brujería
Octava (8th) Szayelaporro Granz† Fornicarás

Who defeated Espada No 3?

Halibel (Espada #3) Poor Halibel. Her fight was going fairly well – sure, she got momentarily stopped by Hitsugaya’s ice flower cascade, but after getting freed she held her own against a captain and two lieutenant-level vizard. Then Aizen stabbed her.

Who defeated Espada 5?


Who defeated Espada 3?

Tier Harribel (ティア・ハリベル, Tia Hariberu; Viz: Tier Halibel) is an Arrancar and the former Tres (3rd) Espada in Sōsuke Aizen’s army until the latter’s defeat. Sometime after Aizen’s defeat, she becomes the de facto ruler of Hueco Mundo.

Who killed Espada 9?

The Shinigami said that she’d remembered where Kaien’s heart was and that though the 9th Espada had his body, his heart was with her. Aaroniero’s death. Rukia then brought her sword down, shattering the tank that was Aaroniero’s head and bringing an end to him.

Who is Espada number 4?

Ulquiorra Cifer