Did Jimmy Fortune sing with the Oak Ridge Boys?

Did Jimmy Fortune sing with the Oak Ridge Boys?

A night of hits from 5-time Grammy winners and Country Music Hall of Famers The Oak Ridge Boys with special guest Jimmy Fortune.

Who did Jimmy Fortune marry?

Nina Fortune

Did one of the Statler Brothers pass away?

Harold Reid, the bass singer in the long-running country vocal quartet the Statler Brothers, died Friday night at age 80. A post on the group’s website said that Reid “had bravely endured a long battle with kidney failure.”

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Are any of the Statler Brothers still alive?

Balsley and Don Reid continue to reside in Staunton, as did Harold Reid until his death in April 2020; while Fortune relocated to Nashville, where he continues his music career as a solo artist having released three albums under his own name.

Is Don Reid married?

Debbie Reid

What is the net worth of Don Reid?

Don Reid net worth or net income is estimated to be between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars. He has made such amount of wealth from his primary career as Country Singer.

Was Don Reid married more than once?

He married Debbie Reid. The couple is blessed with two sons named Debo Reid and Langdon Reid.

Is Harold and Don Reid related?

Reid, his brother Harold (who passed away in April), Phil Balsey and Lew DeWitt formed the group in 1955 and the new book spotlights their early days including how their career gained momentum when Johnny Cash discovered the group and hired them to tour with him.

Does Harold Reid have cancer?

Harold Wilson Reid was born in 1939, in Staunton, Virginia, as one of four children of Sidney and Mary Reid who were aides at a psychiatric hospital. As the years passed, Harold Reid had cancer, his brother, Don, had heart surgery, and Phil Balsley suffered from diabetes.

When were Don and Debbie Reid married?


Who were the four original Statler Brothers?

In the early 1960s, the group coalesced around the talents of four Virginians: Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Lew DeWitt, and Harold’s brother, Don Reid. Harold Reid, DeWitt, Balsley, and Joe McDorman had worked in a Staunton, Virginia high school group called the Four Star Quartet, making their first appearance in 1955.

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Why are they called Statler Brothers?

The group later called themselves the Kingsmen but changed their name to the Statler Brothers in 1963 — the name taken from a brand of facial tissue — after the Portland, Ore., garage-rock band the Kingsmen had a nationwide hit with “Louie Louie.”

Who was Lew DeWitt married to?

Glenda Kay Simmers

Who sang the song Elizabeth?

The Statler Brothers

What year did the song Elizabeth by the Statler Brothers come out?


Who wrote most of the Statler Brothers songs?

Don was the principle writer for the group, writing most of the songs himself or co-writing with brother Harold. Don has had over 250 of his songs recorded by not only the STATLERS, but also by Johnny Cash, George Burns, Tammy Wynette, The Cathedrals, and Elvis Presley to name a few.

Who wrote my only love?

Jimmy Fortune

Who sang the song My One and Only Love?

John Coltrane

What songs has Jimmy Fortune written?

Fortune wrote several number one songs that were recorded by the Statler Brothers, including “Elizabeth”, “Too Much on My Heart”, and “My Only Love”. “More Than a Name on a Wall” was a top ten country hit. “Elizabeth” recently was a top bluegrass release for Dailey & Vincent.

What was the Statler Brothers biggest hit?

Statler Brothers’ top 10 tunes

  • Flowers on the Wall. (reached #4 on US Billboard Top 100, #2 on country music chart)
  • Bed of Roses. (#58 Billboard Top 100, #9 country music chart)
  • I’ll Go to My Grave Loving You.
  • Do You Remember These.
  • Do You Know You Are My Sunshine.
  • Elizabeth.
  • My Only Love.
  • Too Much on My Heart.
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Who does Jimmy Fortune sing with now?

Which of the Statler Brothers died?

Harold Reid

Who is Langdon Reids mother?

Obituaries. Gloria Elaine Fairchild Reid, 70, of 1419 Dogwood Road, Staunton, Virginia, permanently changed her address on May 7, 2016. Her declining health had been moving her closer to this move for some time. Gloria was born in Cross Keys, Virginia on February 8, 1946 to Langdon Connell and Fleta Reedy Fairchild.

Why did Lew DeWitt leave the Statler Brothers?

In November 1981, DeWitt took a leave of absence from The Statler Brothers due to surgery and treatment for Crohn’s disease, from which he had suffered since adolescence.

What is Jimmy fortune worth?

$ 6 million

What illness did Lew DeWitt have?

regional enteritis