Do first year law school grades matter?

Do first year law school grades matter?

Because the majority of firms conduct their interviews for 2Ls in the August or September following a student’s first year of courses, first year grades are the only grades that matter for the 2L summer associate position or clerkship.

Do law firms check your grades?

In the majority of cases, all a firm needs from you to check your references and the grades achieved at university, school or college is signed authority from you (which most firms will ask for as part of their post-offer process).

Do law firms care about modules?

Some firms take particular interest in each individual module mark an applicant has achieved. You may have heard stories of interviewers questioning a 2:2 mark from first year, or you may have been asked yourself why you scored 70 in criminal law and only 61 in commercial law. This is plain as day to law students.

How important are A levels to law firms?

A level grades will make a difference to getting a good job in the city or becoming a barrister, but if you work hard at your degree there is no reason your A level grades will hold you back too much to work for other law firms. Law is a very academic subject and requires lots of concentration and careful analysis.