Does Antigone kill herself?

Does Antigone kill herself?

Summary and Analysis: Antigone Lines 1274-1470. A messenger announces that Antigone has hanged herself and that Haemon, agonized at her death, has also killed himself. On hearing the news, Eurydice, the queen, retreats into the palace where she, too, kills herself after cursing her husband, Creon.

What about Creon terrifies people?

Creon: he is frightened that if he breaks his word people will think he is a bad leader. your temper scares everyone.” Haimon is telling Creon that he is being a bad leader. “if you do not listen to people you will end up empty.” “you can learn something from someone young.”

How is Antigone’s fate foreshadowed during her opening scene?

How is Antigone’s fate foreshadowed during her opening scene with Ismene? How does this foreshadowing affect our view of her character? 1. Antigone’s fate is foreshadowed when arguing with Ismene because she said she would risk death to bury her disrespected brother.

Is Antigone accepting of her punishment?

Throughout the play, Antigone follows her fate. She buries Polyneices and is caught by guards. The acceptance of her fate is evident when, facing a punishment of death, she says “my fate prompts no tears.” Antigone accepts what she believes is inevitable by committing suicide with her fiance.

What was Creon’s fate?

Creon’s pride leads him onto suffering. He is failed from his power and happiness. He is failed to acknowledge a higher good than that of his decision. The cause of Creon’s downfall is his flaw, so he is directly responsible for his fate.

What is Creon’s punishment for Antigone?

Creon’s punishment for killing Antigone is that he loses his family to death.

Is Jocasta a queen?

Jocasta is the Queen of Thebes, but it’s just not as glamorous as it sounds. By all accounts, it seems like her first marriage with King Laius was a pretty happy one.

What does Antigone believe must be done?

Antigone believes that they should go bury their brother and accuses Ismene of being a traitor if they don’t. Ismene is more realistic and cautious, she follows the rules no matter what because she says she and Antigone are only women and shouldn’t break the law.