How are permanent and temporary magnets similar?

How are permanent and temporary magnets similar?

Permanent magnets have their atoms aligned all the time. Temporary magnets have their atoms aligned only while under the influence of a strong external magnetic field.

What is the difference between permanent magnets temporary magnets and electromagnets?

In Electromagnet, the magnetic field is created by a wire-wound coil but the magnetic field of Permanent (Bar) Magnet cannot be changed….Difference between Permanent Magnet and Electromagnet.

Permanent (Bar) Magnet Electromagnet
These are usually made of hard materials. They are usually made of soft materials.

In what way does a temporary magnet provide an advantage over a permanent magnet?

As pulses of electricity is passed through the coil of the temporary magnet, the direction of the magnetic field is rapidly changing so the poles of the magnet flip back and forth. This means that the temporary magnet is attracted or repelled to the permanent magnet, depending on if the poles are alike or unlike.

What will happen to the two magnets below if they are released?

Group of answer choices. The magnets will both move to the right. The magnets will move toward each other.

What precautions should be taken while handling a magnet?


  1. Always wear safety goggles when handling large magnets.
  2. Always wear gloves when handling magnets to prevent pinching.
  3. Children should NEVER be allowed to play with NEODYMIUM magnets.
  4. Keep magnets at least 20cm away from sensitive electronic and storage devices.
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What are the properties of permanent magnet?

Permanent Magnets:

  • 1) High Retentivity: Magnet should be strong.
  • 2) High coercivity: Magnetisation should not get affected by stray Magnetic fields.
  • 1) High Permeability core of Iron for easy magnetisation.
  • 2) Low Retentivity: For easy magnetisation/demagnetisation.