How do you cite public law in Chicago?

How do you cite public law in Chicago?

Name of Government & Issuing Agency, Title of Publication, Author(s) First-name Last-name. Publication/Report Number, Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.

What is source type identifier?

Introduction. Standard Identifier Sources lists standard number or code systems and assigns a code to each database or publication that defines or contains the identifiers. The purpose of these source codes is to enable the type of standard numbers or codes in metadata records to be indicated by a code.

How do you reference something in an essay?

Use the heading references for your references. For books, you put the family name of the author(s) and their initials, followed by the year of publication in brackets, the title in italics, the place of publication, and finally the name of the publisher. If there are editors, give their names instead of the authors’.

How do you cross reference properly?

Using Cross-References

  1. Put your cursor where you want the reference to be.
  2. Select the type of item you are referencing from the Reference type pulldown.
  3. For figures, select Only Label and Number from the Insert reference to: pulldown, unless you want the entire caption to appear in the text.

How do I change the format of a cross-reference in Word?

Changing the formatting of multiple cross-references

  1. Press Alt+F9 to display field codes (so that Word can see REF in the fields).
  2. Press Ctrl+H to open the Replace dialog.
  3. In the “Find what” box, type.
  4. Click More to expand the dialog.

How do you reference figures?

The citation would normally be given after the title of the figure, table, diagram, etc.

  1. Example: Figure 1, A four pointed star (Jones, 2015, p. 54).
  2. Example: (Jones, 2015, p.33)
  3. Example:
  4. Example: (United Nations, 1975, cited in Smith, 2016, p.33)

How do you create an alphabetical index?

To create an index quickly:

  1. Click in the document where you want to add the index and click Insert > Indexes and Tables > Indexes and Tables.
  2. In the Type box on the Index/Table page, select Alphabetical Index.