How do you get better at Three Kingdoms?

How do you get better at Three Kingdoms?

  1. Carefully plan the development of your Kingdom.
  2. Take care of the treasury state and food supplies.
  3. Keep track of the public order level in your commanderies.
  4. As far as possible – take control of all the commanderies.
  5. Secure settlements located on the borders with a hostile faction.
  6. Regularly increase food production.

What is the best unit in total war Three Kingdoms?

General with a class of Strategist – for this General ranged units and siege machines are the greatest choice, because this General works best in the rear. General with a rank of Champion or Sentinel – this General is best suited for infantry units, the effectiveness of which he can strengthen a lot.

How do you recruit trebuchets in Three Kingdoms?

Strategists can recruit them from Day 1. Hire someone wearing a blue robe, buy them trebuchets. Tangent: I had a classmate give a 20 minute presentation on “trechbuckets”. Nobody had the heart to stop him.

How do you get a protector of heaven?

Protectors of Heaven are the Elite units only accessible to Emperor class Prestige. By gaining prestige, you go through the ranks until you become one of the three emperors (King for Governors).

Are Onyx Dragons good?

They make sieges a doddle honestly. They are better than crossbowmen because they can burn towers, and they are better than regular archers due to added range and ammo. 4 of them with 2 trebuchets will melt practically anything before it reaches your line, or cut down enemy archers easily.

Can you upgrade units in total war Troy?

In Total War Saga Troy, players can fully manage their army, not only recruiting additional units, but also combining the respective units into larger ones, and even disbanding troops to make room for new units.

Is Total War Three Kingdoms easy?

Yes it is tedious and you are responding to AI more than any other TW besides maybe Shogun 2 start but the AI is still fairly predictable the main difference is the easy in and out coalitions and vassal alliances and the size of the map making it feel like you can’t afford many mistakes or the AI might still overwhelm …

Is Total War Three Kingdoms hard to learn?

There will be a learning curve for sure, but don’t let that discourage you! The game has difficulty levels and there will be a lot of guides and playthroughs online to teach you how everything works. I’d suggest checking out some gameplay videos or streams to get a feel of how to play the game before you play.