How do you kill the Imperator seal?

How do you kill the Imperator seal?

To kill it, spam meatshields while also spawning in strong hitters like Valkyrie and Bahamut Cat to take it out.

Is Moneko good battle cats?

Moneko, especially Miss MONEKO, can be a great meatshield at the start, because she has lower cost and a higher tolerance for pain from enemy powerhouses like Le’boin than Wall Cat, if you lack levels for Tank.

What does Bean cat evolved into?

Brah Cats

How do you get a crazed Moneko cat?

Crazed Moneko is a Special Cat that was added in the Version 6.10 Update. Unlocked by beating the Crazed Moneko Stages appearing on the 28th of every month. She has a multi-hit attack with a guaranteed Critical on the last hit.

Can U Get crazed Moneko?

It is unlocked after clearing Empire of Cats. Each of the first three stages drops a Rare Cat Ticket on initial completion. The fourth stage, which is accessed directly from the third, has a guaranteed chance of dropping Crazed Moneko.

How do you get 100 happy cats in Battle Cats?

Happy 100 is a Special Cat created during a collaboration event between Battle Cats and Crash Fever. This Cat can be unlocked by clearing the collaboration quest during the collab period.

How do you unlock level 30 upgrades in Battle Cats?

Early rewards at 100 through 700 include Battle Items and Cat Tickets; 800 is a Rare Cat Ticket. 900 through to 1410 increase the level caps of Rare, Super Rare, Uber Rare and Legend Rare units to 30. At rank 1600, Special Cats can be upgraded to level 30.

When should I use rare tickets Battle Cats?

Use rare tickets on Epicfest or Uberfest, but do not spend anycatfood for it. If you have Catfood, wait ’till you have enough for an 11 draw instead, then wait for a guaranteed uber event and only then use the catfood.

How do you get Catfruit in Battle Cats?

Epic Catfruit can be obtained on any Growing stage (except Growing Strange) but at a moderate chance. After completing An Ancient Curse, Epic Catfruit and Epic Catfruit Seeds can be obtained from “Growing Epic” for a few hours every weekend.

How do you get a cat to level 30 in Battle Cats?

At rank 1600, Special Cats can be upgraded to level 30. Once a player has reached the requirement of rewards, there will be a flashing exclamation “Pts!” sign on the user rank button to notify player there is a reward available.

What is Catfruit buffet?

Catfruit Buffet is a limited stage that appears in Saturday and Sunday sometimes, as an alternative Catfruit Festival Event. The player needs to clear Chapter 3 of the Empire of Cats to play this event stage.