How do you play as Britannia in Rome Total War?

How do you play as Britannia in Rome Total War?

Britannia are one of the playable factions in Rome: Total War. They can be played by successfully completing either a long or short campaign with any of the Roman factions, by destroying them in the Imperial Campaign or by editing descr_strat.

How do I run Medieval 2 in windowed mode?

Total War: MEDIEVAL II – Definitive Edition

  1. Locate “medieval2. preference.
  2. open it, scroll to the very bottom until the last thing is “widescreen = 1 (or 0 depending on settings)”.
  3. Add the lines as follows (copy and paste): windowed=true.
  4. ctrl+save (or just save it).
  5. right click on “medieval2. preference.

What happens if you take Rome in Medieval 2?

Taking Rome as a Catholic faction is an auto-excommunication and without a pile of cash, typically the only thing that will get you reconciled is returning Rome to the pope.

What happens if you conquer the Papal States Medieval 2?

The Papal States can never truly be destroyed unless the entire map has been conquered; this is because it simply requests a new homeland territory from one of the Catholic factions every time they lose their region.

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How can we destroy the Papal States?

You can “functionally destroy” the Papal States by capturing all Papal cities/castles. Killing or waiting for the Pope and all Cardinals to assume room temperature. If you are a Roman Catholic power, stop recruiting priests or assassinate one if he becomes Pope.

What happens if you kill the pope in Medieval 2?

If you kill the Pope, a new one will be elected immediately. If you take Rome, the Papacy will move to another region donated by another catholic country. The only way to ensure there is no papacy is to: This way the college for cardinals will remain empty and no new pope will be elected.

Can you become pope ck3?

You can’t become pope. If you open the religion screen (cross at the bottom left next to your portrait) there is an option to create a custom faith. It’s a button at the bottom of the page. You can then customize your own Christian faith, but you’ll need a lot of piety to create it.

How do you increase papal standing?

“Doing missions for the Pope, not fighting other Catholics, and giving the Pope large sums of money are good ways to maintain a healthy relationship with him.” The strategy guide also mentions assassinating the Pope to try to get someone more favorable to you to be the Pope and bribery for when you get excommunicated.

How do I gain favor with the Pope in Medieval 2?

Favor with the Pope can be earned in a number of ways: building churches, participating in Crusades, converting regions to the Catholic faith, completing his missions or having your Cardinal elected Pope.

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How do you get excommunicated in Medieval 2?

(1) Every turn you are at war with a catholic faction (maybe being the attacker), the Pope rating drops by one cross. (2) If your Pope rating drops too low (like 4 crosses), the Pope will warn you to stop the war in X turns. Any further battle from this point on is automatic excommunication.