How is theme developed in literature?

How is theme developed in literature?

Themes are developed by authors through the following ways: What happens – key events. Characters – character qualities, character actions and how characters respond to situations may all relate to theme. Dialogue and internal character thoughts – characters may say or think something which directly relates to a theme.

How does literature help you as a teacher?

Literary works help learners to use their imagination, enhance their empathy for others and lead them to develop their own creativity. Literary texts can present teachers and learners with a number of difficulties including: text selection – texts need to be chosen that have relevance and interest to learners.

Is literature significant in teaching English?

Traditionally, the role of Literature was not taken into consideration in English Language Teaching programs due to the importance given only to functional language. Today, Literature in second language classes has a very important linguistic input for students and it is a valuable source for learners’ motivation.

What are the main teaching methods while teaching literature?

There are six approaches in the teaching of literature. They are the (1) Language-Based Approach, (2) Paraphrastic Approach, (3) Information-Based Approach, (4) Personal-Response Approach, (5) Moral-Philosophical Approach, and (6) Stylistic Approach.

How important is literature in teaching English?

In fact, literature helps students to improve their reading comprehension of English. They give chance to the students as well as teachers to set various forms of questions based on their contents. Through these questions, students become fluent speakers and writers.

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How does language influence literature?

Language helps students to develop textual analysis skills of various literary works. Language in literature helps to expose students to samples of real-life settings in various literary works. Language increases cultural enrichment for students.

What is literature in teaching?

Literature educates the whole person. By examining values in literary texts, teachers encourage learners to develop attitudes towards them. These values and attitudes relate to the world outside the classroom. Literature is motivating.