How many wives did Mr Longfellow have?

How many wives did Mr Longfellow have?

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Occupation Poet Professor
Alma mater Bowdoin College
Spouses Mary Storer Potter (m.1831; died 1835) Frances Elizabeth Appleton (m.1843; died 1861)
Children Charles Appleton Longfellow Ernest Wadsworth Longfellow Fanny Longfellow Alice Mary Longfellow Edith Longfellow Anne Allegra Longfellow

What honor was bestowed on Longfellow two years after his death?

Later Years and Death In the last 20 years of his life, Longfellow continued to enjoy fame with honors bestowed on him in Europe and America. Among the admirers of his work were Queen Victoria, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Prime Minister William Gladstone, Walt Whitman and Oscar Wilde.

What according to the poem is our destined end or purpose?

Answer. According to the poem “our destined end” or purpose is Achieving all you nedd and to wait.

What should be the destined end of life?

The poem the Psalms of life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, explains how our common thinking of “when we live we also meet our inevitable end”. In this poem, the “destined end” is our final moments on earth, the inevitable finish of our lives.

Is life an empty dream?

Life is but an empty dream! For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real!

What has life been compared to?

Answer. life is compared to empty dreams and funeral march.

What is life compared to in the poem?

Answer:i life is compared to an ’empty dream’ by the pessimists. Life is but an empty dream,though this is not actually a comparison from the speaker’s end, he just hits back to the negative idea of life held by some people who think this life to be unimportant.

Why does the poet call life a bivouac?

The phrase ‘bivouac of Life’refers to life as a temporary shelter. It re-emphasises that we are on earth only for a limited period of time and whatever we wish for should be achieved while we are alive.

Why does the poet say not to trust future?

Answer : We should not trust the future even tough it may seem pleasant because future is never fixed. We never know what we might face in our future. So, the poet says that it’s better to live in the present because the present is in our hands.

How According to the speaker can one be a hero in his life?

To “be a hero in the strife,” then, is to act as an individual, rather than as “cattle” simply marching towards the grave. A true hero in the “world’s broad field of battle,” according to the speaker in this poem, is someone who will “let the dead past bury its dead” and look to the future.

What has the world been compared to?

Answer. The world has been compared to a broad field of battle. Bivouac means temporary camping ground.

Why does the poet say that life is real and earnest?

Longfellow’s speaker says that that idea is wrong. This life is not an illusion or an “empty dream.” We will all, inevitably, die, but what we do in this life is nevertheless very important. This life is real and earnest because it is not just a stepping stone to heaven.

What is the meaning of life is real and life is earnest?

” life is real! Life is earnest! ” – earnest = a sign of promise of what is to come. ( after life. ) Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, is our destined end of way; but to act, that each tomorrow find us farther than today.”