Is Brian and Mika married?

Is Brian and Mika married?

Brian, who is at the age of 38, is a married man. He tied the knots with his high school crush, Mika McGee. The duo first met each other at their high school’s chorus, and the home designing master fell in love with Mika there and then.

What ethnicity is Mika on 100 day dream home?

Mika Kleinschmidt Wikis

Real Name Mika Kleinschmidt
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession TV personality and Realtor
Married/Husband Brian Kleinschmidt

Is Jade Kleinschmidt adopted?

Mika is the mother of a 12-year-old daughter, Jade. But Brian is not her biological father. The 100 Day Dream Home reality star gave birth to her daughter on February 11, 2009, before meeting her now-husband. Presently, Mika is raising Jade in a blended family with her husband Brian Kleinschmidt and his parents.

Was Brian Kleinschmidt married before Mika?

Brian Kleinschmidt and his first wife, Ericka, broke ‘The Amazing Race’ records. While Brian and Mika are now a perfect couple on 100 Day Dream Home, Brian and his first wife, Ericka, were a record-breaking couple. The two were the first interracial married couple to appear on the U.S. version of The Amazing Race.

How old is Brian and Mika?

They reconnected 10 years after high school when both were working in the fitness field. Mika was a trainer at a rival gym until Brian brought her on board to Anytime Fitness….

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About Brian Kleinschmidt
Age 39 Years
Birth April 30, 1982 Florida
Gender Male
Spouse Mika McGee 2015-till now, Ericka Dunlap 2007-2011

How much are Brian and Mika worth?

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The long career of the couple in real estate, along with their growing popularity in the television industry, is only going to make them richer and add to their overall impressive net worth in the coming years.

When did Mika and Brian get married?