Is the lone survivor a synth?

Is the lone survivor a synth?

No, the Sole Survivor is not a synth. He is the “Sole Survivor”. The only indication of the SS being a synth is a single line in the DLC “Far Harbor” and it is ambiguous at best.

Can you shoot down the Prydwen?

You can’t shoot it down yourself, but each non-Brotherhood faction has a quest to take down the Prydwen (and the method used will be different for each faction).

Is there a peaceful ending to Fallout 4?

Yes, there is a peaceful ending where only the Institute gets destroyed. These were the steps I found to be most helpful when looking for how to do it while still getting the most out of the main story… Note: Not sure why he says not to follow the old steps, they still work fine.

Is Mama Murphy supposed to die?

Honestly, you don’t need the help in your play through, and if you continue to feed her addiction, Mama Murphy will actually die when you give her the Psycho. If you’re willing to go down that road, however, just know that you must wait eight hours to give her more chems.

Why is Kellogg not old?

At some point, Kellogg was cybernetically enhanced by the Institute, which slowed his aging and extended his lifespan. By 2287, he is over 100 years old but physically appears to be less than half that, having roughly the same appearance as he did when he kidnapped Shaun, despite 60 years passing.

Can Minutemen and railroad work together?

However, if you choose to side with the Minutemen after completing Act II, you will become allied with the Railroad faction, forcing you to take up arms against both the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel. You must take up arms with your fellow Minutemen to defeat what remains of the Brotherhood once and for all.

Do I have to choose between railroad and Minutemen?

The choice between minutemen/railroad is only a choice of who you want to use to take down the institute. Whoever you choose to get into the institute will give you a holotape to load data onto, the deicison you’re talking about is the decision of what to do with the holotape/ultimately who will attack.

Can you beat Fallout 4 without joining a faction?

No. This step requires you to side with a major faction, but your allegiance can still be changed. There is no other way to end the faction war. You could continue playing the game as long as you like without doing this, but you would never “finish” it.