Is Tim Mcinnerny married?

Is Tim Mcinnerny married?


Who has a cunning plan?

The catchphrase “I have a cunning plan” made its first appearance in the pilot episode, but it is not regularly used until the third series; Blackadder had mentioned the phrase twice in the first series and Baldrick once. Baldrick had also claimed to have “a plan” in a “cunning” voice on one occasion in Blackadder II.

Why did Tony Robinson get a knighthood?

Blackadder star Sir Tony Robinson has received his knighthood from Prince William in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The 67-year-old, best known for playing Baldrick in the BBC comedy series, was knighted in the Birthday Honours list in recognition of his public and political service.

What was Tony Robinson in?


How old is Tony Robinson’s wife?

Meet Louise Hobbs Louise is 38 years old and works in the public sector. She and Tony met at a restaurant back in 2006.

How tall is Tony Robinson’s wife?

The bride, who at 5ft 8in towers over her 5ft 4in beau, arrived separately from Robinson – but the pair parted with tradition by leaving separately as well. Robinson left Mary Shepherd, his wife of 20 years and the mother of his two children, in 1992 for 35-year-old singer-songwriter Teri Bramah.

How wealthy is Tony Robinson?

Tony Robbins Net Worth

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Net Worth: $600 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 7 in (2.007 m)
Profession: Author, Actor
Nationality: United States of America

What does Tony Robinson do?

Sir Anthony Robinson (born 15 August 1946) is an English actor, comedian, author, television presenter and political activist. He played Baldrick in the BBC television series Blackadder and has hosted several historical documentaries including the Channel 4 programmes Time Team and The Worst Jobs in History.