Should I use rocket artillery hoi4?

Should I use rocket artillery hoi4?

Although slightly more expensive, rocket artillery deals more soft damage and has a much greater breakthrough than normal artillery, but are even less effective against armored vehicles.

Is artillery good in hoi4?

Yes, it is. It gives a good chunk of soft attack. However, it needs a solid production base, so use with caution. Rocket artillery is better in offensive, but worse against armor and in defense.

What is a heavy tank destroyer HoI4?

Tank destroyers are dedicated anti-tank vehicles. They are essentially an anti-tank gun on a tank chassis; tank destroyer battalions can be thought of as the armored or mobile equivalent of infantry anti-tank battalions, but unlike infantry equipment it cannot be used as a support brigade.

Are armored cars good HoI4?

In HoI4, armored cars will work similarly. They will provide increased protection and breakthrough over say motorized or infantry while coming cheaper than light tanks. They will also be the fastest land unit in the game in the right terrain.

What is breakthrough HoI4?

Breakthrough is your defense when attacking, just like Defense is your defense while defending. It allows the attack to shrug off damage while on the offense.

How do you increase breakthrough in hoi4?

If you want pure break through for infantry then your best bet is rocket artillery and heavy tanks. Paratroopers get limited to a support batallion of Rocket artillery until you convert them into light infantry post drop. These should be limited and used for cracking cities and defensive fort lines.

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How do you Navally invade hoi4?

Tips: Naval Invasion

  1. Get your divisions ready.
  2. Send a second pair of boats to the seas.
  3. Set your naval invasion.
  4. Wait a while.
  5. In the seas, be wary of other boats.
  6. Prepare the invasion on the land.
  7. If done correctly, you would have done a successful invasion from the seas.

Are Marines worth it hoi4?

Yes, marines are the best, by a good margin. Terrain bonuses make a huge difference. Especially marines, as rivers will be everywhere, and you can’t walk around them – while you can usually walk around mountains/hills (especially if you use mod which lets you actually see them).

How do I use paratroopers hoi4?

You need transport planes and Paratroopers in the same province/region. Then you select the army those paratroopers belong to and you will find a small parachute in the battleplandesigner. Select the paratroopers. Click on the parachute and click on the airbase they should start from.