What animal represents Ishtar?

What animal represents Ishtar?


Who is the biggest girl group right now?


What is the longest lasting Kpop group?

Legacy Shinhwa

Is God Kpop still active?

As one of the best-selling artists in South Korea prior to the digital era, they are one of the few idol groups to have more than one album become a “million seller”….

Origin South Korea
Genres K-pop R&B
Years active 1999–2005 2014–present
Labels SidusHQ JYP Entertainment CJ E&M Kakao M Synnara Records

Who invented Kpop music?

The genre started with The Kim Sisters in the 1950s. The Kim Sisters were a Korea born pop music trio who spoke no English but achieved fame in the U.S. by performing soulful renditions of American pop songs completely phonetically.

Who is the longest lasting boy band?

Best-selling boy bands

Name Nationality Years active
Backstreet Boys United States 1993–present (27 years)
The Osmonds United States 1958–1980 (22 years)
The Jackson 5 United States 1964–1990, 2001, 2012–2013 (29 years)
New Kids on the Block United States 1984–1994, 2008–present (21 years)

Who is better NSync or BSB?

The Backstreet Boys were better than ‘NSync, and more important than ‘NSync. ‘NSync has the single most undeniable member of them all (Justin Timberlake), but, when you do the top-to-bottom average, the Backstreet Boys win out. They’re just more solid.

Did nsync get their money?

The music mogul signed the boy bands to contracts that favored him. Bass said Pearlman had *NSYNC flown to Los Angeles for a celebration. But instead of receiving the million dollars he says they deserved, they only received $10,000. Boy bands Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC helped define an era of pop culture in the ’90s.