What animals are associated with France?

What animals are associated with France?

Animals Native to France

  • Flamingos.
  • European Hare.
  • European Mole.
  • Garden Dormouse.
  • Eurasian Pygmy Shrew.
  • Alpine Marmot.
  • Roe Deer. The roe deer is Eurasian and has a relatively smaller size compared to other members.
  • Harbor Seal. Also known as the common seal, the harbor seal is a true seal belonging to the genus Phoca.

What is the flag and the motto of France?

A legacy of the Age of Enlightenment, the motto “Libert√©, Egalit√©, Fraternit√©” first appeared during the French Revolution. Although it was often called into question, it finally established itself under the Third Republic.

What are the causes of French Revolution class9?

What were the main causes of the French Revolution?

  • Despotic rule of Louis XVI: He became the ruler of France in 1774.
  • Division of French society: The French society was divided into three estates; first, second and third estates, respectively.
  • Rising prices: The population of France had increased.

What was France like before the French Revolution?

Before the Revolution France was a monarchy ruled by the king. The king had total power over the government and the people. The people of France were divided into three social classes called “estates.” The First Estate was the clergy, the Second Estate was the nobles, and the Third Estate was the commoners.

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What are the three classes of the society?

Sociologists generally posit three classes: upper, working (or lower), and middle.

Are nurses considered upper middle class?

are RNs considered ‘blue collar’? Of course they are, just like cops. An RN will never make a upper middle class income by themselves. Its a decent paying career without much education needed, will always increase in demand and you really dont make life or death decisions (everything is protocol).