What annoyed the narrator Shooting an Elephant?

What annoyed the narrator Shooting an Elephant?

The narrator is a British police officer in Burma. He doesn’t want to shoot the elephant, but he does to “avoid looking a fool.” The Burmese jeer at the narrator, spit at English women, and enjoy watching him fail. As they are under imperial rule, these actions are rebellion against their oppressors.

What is the context of shooting an elephant?

Historical Context of Shooting an Elephant The British Empire is undeniably the dominant historical backdrop for “Shooting an Elephant.” The empire expanded rapidly in the 19th century, and its territories spanned as far as New Zealand and India.

What is Orwell’s argument?

Orwell’s argument is that imperialism is not effective. Orwell uses the story to represent imperialism by using symbolism to represent his argument.

Where does Orwell use character based arguments?

Where does Orwell use character-based arguments? He Uses the British Officer and the Elephant to build his argument on. The British officer, the executioner, acts as a symbol of the imperial country, while the elephant symbolizes the victim of imperialism.

What is the value of the elephant in shooting an elephant?

The elephant is the central symbol of the story. Orwell uses it to represent the effect of colonialism on both the colonizer and the colonized. The elephant, like a colonized populace, has its liberty restricted, and it becomes violently rebellious only as a response to being shackled.

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What is Orwell’s essay about and what argument does he make in this essay?

Orwell argues, in this essay, that imperialism has a number of unintended effects. It does not, contrary to popular belief, position the white imperialist in the powerful role. In fact, it turns him into a “puppet,” according to Orwell, a puppet of the people he supposedly rules or controls.

What is Orwell job in the essay?

The narrator of “Shooting an Elephant,” often taken to be Orwell himself, is also a subdivisional police officer in Burma. His job is to help keep order, the usual role of a police officer.