What are Jackie Robinson 9 values?

What are Jackie Robinson 9 values?

Courage, determination, teamwork, persistence, integrity, citizenship, justice, commitment, and excellence. Jackie Robinson’s nine values, values he lived by, values that made him not only a champion, but also a hero to millions of people.

How many years did Jackie Robinson go to college?

Robinson enrolled at Pasadena City College in 1937 and quickly dominated Pasadena sports before transferring to UCLA in 1939 on an athletic scholarship. Winning letters in four sports – baseball, football, basketball and track – family obligations swayed him to leave school in 1941, before earning his degree.

Why was Jackie Robinson kicked out of the Army?

In November of 1944, based on the ankle injury, Jackie received an honorable discharge from the Army due to “physical disqualification.” A year later, in 1945, Jackie Robinson was selected by Branch Rickey to break the Major League color barrier.

Did Jackie Robinson get kicked out of the Army?

In 1942, Jackie Robinson was drafted into the military to a segregated cavalry unit in Kansas. After being transferred, Jackie joined another unit but was court-martialled after false accusations by the prejudiced officer and jury that confirmed his removal from the military.

Are Kobe Bryant cards worth more now?

Many common Kobe rookie cards can still be had in “raw” form for under $25 but there are many that are more valuable with the Topps Chrome and Chrome Refractor parallels among the most popular. 1996-97 Topps Chrome #138: $400 – $3,000. 1996-97 Topps Chrome Refractor $3,750 – $20,000. 1996-97 Topps $100-$800.

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Are Kobe Bryant cards going up in value?

1996 Topps Chrome Refractor Kobe Bryant Rookie Card #138 The price has been going up and up in recent years. In 2020, there have been sales between the $60,000 to $80,000 price range – with a sale even collecting $81,000. Still, the card is obviously incredibly high end and could even still rise up in price.