What are other names for receptionist?

What are other names for receptionist?

Synonyms for Receptionist

  • secretary. n.
  • desk clerk.
  • front desk.
  • registrar. n.
  • reception. n.
  • clerk. n.
  • doorkeeper. n.
  • switchboard operator.

What is higher than a receptionist?

Administrative assistants have more tasks and advanced duties than receptionists, much of which is behind-the-scenes work to support the rest of the staff. Receptionists often stay in one place during the workday with light office work.

What do you call a male receptionist?

I think administrative professional or administrative staff is probably your best bet. You might also consider personal assistant, executive assistant or similar. The business work for provides call handling and other “receptionist” services. We use virtual assistant, admin personnel and receptionist most.

Is the receptionist well groomed describe?

Answer. Answer: Some personal qualities that a receptionist is expected to possess in order to do the job successfully include attentiveness, a well-groomed appearance, initiative, loyalty, maturity, respect for confidentiality and discretion, a positive attitude and dependability.

How a professional receptionist should look?

Naturally, a receptionist should have excellent verbal communication skills. Active listening and great customer service skills also are a must. A talented receptionist can connect callers and visitors with the right employees, as well as handle basic customer service problems and requests adeptly.

What do you wear as a receptionist?

The dress code for a receptionist is definitely business casual attire. Legging can only be worn if worn with a dress. No leggings, this is professional setting which requires professional attire.

Can a receptionist wear jeans?

Although women have the option to wear either skirts or pants in a business casual work environment, caution is encouraged. Do not wear pants or skirts that are excessively tight or have a low rise.

How do I get started as a receptionist?

Here are the most common steps to follow in becoming a qualified receptionist:

  1. Pursue education.
  2. Gain relevant work experience.
  3. Earn professional certifications.
  4. Prepare your resume.
  5. Apply to entry-level or support roles.

How long does it take to become a receptionist?

Answer: Becoming a receptionist requires minimal on-the-job training, ranging from a couple of days to a month. Included in the training is telephone and computer instruction, and greeting clients.

How should a receptionist greet a visitor?

For example, you can specify that receptionists should smile and make clear eye contact when visitors arrive. You may even specify a standard greeting, such as “Good morning! Welcome to Company Name” — similar to the one you use for phone etiquette.

Is it rude to eat lunch at your desk?

“Proper office etiquette dictates that one not eat anything at one’s desk that is going to offend coworkers, such as food that has a strong odor or is messy to eat,” she says. “And they should never heat food, such as fish, that has a strong odor in the microwave.”