What are the literary sources give examples?

What are the literary sources give examples?

Sources incorporate information like journals, letters, books and investigative reports in impression, automated and visual compositions. There are three kinds of literary sources namely religious, foreign and secular accounts.

How can literary sources of history be classified give examples?

The literary sources can be classified into 3 groups. Religious Literature group which include Vedas,epics like Ramayan ,Mahabharata, Jain Agams and Buddhist Tripitakas. Secular literature group includes non religious literature like biographies,folk tales etc. The third one is Accounts from Foreign travelers.

What are the literary sources of the modern period?

  • Printed Books.
  • Government Documents.
  • Newspapers , Magazines , Pamphlets etc .
  • Historical Buildings .
  • Other works of Art .
  • Biographies and Memoirs :
  • Miscellaneous Sources :

What are the literary sources of Mauryan period?

Two sources of Mauryan Empire that are available today are literary sources and archaeological sources, which are again divided into epigraphical and numismatic sources….They are Rock Edicts, Pillar Edicts and Cave Edicts.

  • Rock Edicts.
  • Pillar Edicts.
  • Cave Edicts.

What are the literary sources of the modern period write a short note on time in history?

Answer. Answer: One of the most primary sources of modern Indian history is the official records of the British colonial administration in India. The culture of memos, notings and reports preserved by the British has come to be seen as an authentic source of Indian historiography.

What are the two literary sources of Mauryan period?

There are two types of sources of Mauryan History. One is Literary and the other is Archaeological. The literary sources include Kautilya’s Arthasastra, Visakha Datta’s Mudra Rakshasa , Megasthenese’s Indica, Buddhist literature and Puranas.

What is the modern period in India associated with class 8?

Question: What is the ‘modern’ period associated with? Answer: The modern period in India is associated with the establishment of British colonial rule and the fight we put up against it. It also cover socio-cultural change that came about in India under the influence of the British.

What are the literary sources of history for the medieval period of India?

Important literary sources of medieval Indian history

  • These literary sources have been divided into two parts- Sultanate literature.
  • Sultanate literature – These literature provides information about the social, political, economic, religious policy of the era of history.
  • Utbee-
  • Firdausi –
  • Hassan Nizami –
  • Fakhr-e-Mudawwir-
  • Minhaj-ul-Siraj-
  • Alauddin Anamalik Jubilee-

What are the two sources of mediaeval history?

Literary Works of the Medieval and Archaeological Remains are the Sources of Medieval Indian History. The literary works of the medieval periods which include the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. Archaeological remains of Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire.

What are the main sources of mediaeval period?

These sources may be categorized as:

  • Historical Accounts by scholars written on paper:
  • Historical Accounts by Foreign Travellers:
  • Literary Accounts:
  • Archaeological Sources:
  • A. Medieval Temples:
  • B. Medieval Mosques:
  • C. Medieval Forts:
  • D. Medieval Palaces:

What are the examples of archaeological sources?

Monuments and inscriptions are two sources of archaeological information. Archaeological materials include buildings, houses, pottery, seals, coins, monuments, writing and compositions on stones or dividers, devices, gems, bones, extras, metal pieces, and different antiques.

What are secular literary sources?

Secular literature is one which comprises of worldly things and not pertaining to religious rituals or beliefs. This literature is rather more rational, scientific in its approach. These books used to have the code of duties for kings, administrators, and the public.

What are non-religious literary sources?

Non-religious Literature….

  • Brahmanical literature: which includes the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Aranyakas, the Smritis and the Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharat.
  • Buddhist literature: which includes the three Pitaks – the Suttapitak, the Vinay Pitak, and the Abhidhamma Pitak.

What is the difference between secular and literary sources?

Answer: Religious literature involves man made doctrines based on his practical beliefs of what God approves of and what he does not. Secular literature opposes religious literature. Secular literature is based around myths and theologies.

What are the three important written sources of Indian history?

Ancient Indian History – Sources

  • Literary and Archaeological records are the two main categories that give evidences of Ancient Indian History.
  • The literary source includes literature of Vedic, Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, and other literature along with other foreign accounts.

Which of the following is not a religious literature?

Complete answer: Sangam texts or Sangam literature is not a religious text. The Sangam literature is a collection of poems and texts composed by Tamil poets in the Sangam Age.

What is a secular nation?

A secular country or state is or claims to be officially neutral regarding religion. This means that secular states support neither religion nor irreligion and does not have an official religion. Secular states do not discriminate or favor individuals to groups based on their religious beliefs.