What are the sources of medieval period explain?

What are the sources of medieval period explain?

Literary Works of the Medieval and Archaeological Remains are the Sources of Medieval Indian History. The literary works of the medieval periods which include the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. Archaeological remains of Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire.

What kind of towns existed in India during medieval period?

Different Towns In the medieval times (between the 8th and the 18th centuries), there were temple towns, administrative centres, commercial towns famous for arts and crafts, and port towns. Moreover, some big towns and cities were famous for more than one of those things.

Why did the towns grow around the temples?

Note: Towns grew around temples because temples are always central to economy and society. Temple authorities used their wealth to finance trade and banking. Also, the large number of pilgrims provided ample opportunities for traders and artisans to conduct their business and earn their living.

How did court towns develop in medieval period?

Capital and court towns emerged due to its economic prosperity, centre for administration, trading, pilgrimage etc. some of the important capital towns were Agra, Mewar, Golconda, Kannauj etc.

Which one of the following is a medieval town?

Outside of London, the largest towns in England were the cathedral cities of Lincoln, Canterbury, Chichester, York, Bath, Hereford etc. That these cities were big can be explained simply because they were cathedral cities. These cities attracted all manner of people but especially traders and pilgrims.

What are the different kinds of trade prevailed in medieval period?

Several industries based on agricultural products were developed in medieval India. Textile Industry, weaving, and spinning, handi-crafts, metallurgy and mining flourished in India leading to economic prosperity. Surplus agricultural production helped the growth of commerce and trade.

What are the major crops in medieval India?

In addition to the food crops the people cultivated medicinal herbs, spices and fragrant wood, which had a good foreign market. The chief crops at that time were oilseeds, pulses, wheat, barley, millet, peas, rice, sugarcane and cotton etc. The practice of storing or stocking the surplus grains was in vogue.

What trade practice existed during the ancient and medieval period?

Answer. Trade was practiced in the ancient and medieval periods through better system.