What are the three main types of relief sculpture?

What are the three main types of relief sculpture?

There are 3 basic types of relief sculpture: low relief (or bas-relief), whereby the motifs are only slightly raised above the surface; high relief (or alto-relief), whereby the sculpture projects at least half or more of its natural circumference from the background; and sunken relief (incised, coelanaglyphic, or …

What is sunken relief sculpture?

Sunken relief is a technique of relief sculpture in which figures or images are carved in low relief, but set within a sunken area, so that the relief never rises beyond the original flat surface. This technique is largely restricted to ancient Egypt, where it became common in the Amarna period and later.

What is a subtractive sculpture?

The opposite of the additive process of sculpture, the subtractive sculpture technique involves removing material to create a finished work. In ceramics, this technique is most often used for sculpture but functional potters can also have fun with it.

What is a natural sculpture name?

A natural sculpture is a sculpture that is inspired by forms and processes from nature. Answers may vary, but should include at least 2 examples: Forms and process could include: life cycles, weather, seasons, geographic changes, metamorphosis, etc. Define the term, environment sculpture.

What is the purpose and goal of site specific sculpture?

As a site-specific work of art is designed for a specific location, if removed from that location it loses all or a substantial part of its meaning. The term site-specific is often used in relation to installation art, as in site-specific installation; and land art is site-specific almost by definition.

Are installations sculptures?

Installation art utilizes multiple objects, often from various mediums, and takes up entire spaces. It can be generic or site specific. Because of their relative complexity, installations can address aesthetic and narrative ideas on a larger scale than traditional sculpture.