What becomes of Pearl in her later years?

What becomes of Pearl in her later years?

Given an “earthly father” for the first time, Pearl finally, according to the narrator, becomes “human.” It is as though Pearl has existed up to this point solely to torment her parents and expose the truth—she is, after all, the direct result of their sin. The final acknowledgment of that sin has freed her.

Why do Pearl and Hester walk into forest?

Hester and Pearl go to the forest because Hester is determined to warn Dimmesdale of the threat Chillingworth poses. She travels to the forest because she knows Dimmesdale will be returning that way from visiting the Indians (Native Americans). It will provide a private place for them to talk unobserved.

Why does Hester not confide in Pearl?

Why does Hester not confide in Pearl? Hester realizes that it would not be fair of her to have Pearl know the true meaning behind the letter “A”. By knowing why her mother wore the letter A, she would know that she was a major part of her mother’s sin. Why does Hawthorne portray Pearl as such a wild child?

What does Hester finally tell Pearl is her reason for wearing the letter?

Hester wants to explain to Pearl what the scarlet letter on her chest means, because Pearl seems to be obsessed with it. She realizes that Pearl is very perceptive when she links the letter to how Dimmesdale clutches at his chest.

What does Pearl say about the sunshine?

“Mother,” said little Pearl, “the sunshine does not love you. It runs away and hides itself, because it is afraid of something on your bosom. . . . It will not flee from me, for I wear nothing on my bosom yet!”

Why does Hester regret keeping Chillingworth’s secret?

She does not reveal that Chillingworth is really her husband because she has promised him that she will not. However, she regrets this promise several times and eventually breaks it by revealing to Reverend Dimmesdale Chillingworth’s true identity.

What is unusual about the way Dimmesdale walks?

What is unusual about the way Dimmesdale walks as he goes toward the meeting house? Dimmesdale, as he heads towards the meeting house, is significantly affected by his meeting with Hester. He walks with a bounce in his step, and an uncharacteristic energy that is surprising to the reader.

Why does Dimmesdale feel Chillingworth’s sin is worse than his own?

Dimmesdale’s sin is worse than Hester’s because he hid his true self from the public for so long, Not only was he hypocritical, but he was also not to true t himself, which is seen as the greater sin by the author.

Why is Pearl’s response to her mother’s questions concerning why she wears the scarlet letter ironic?

Then, in order to determine whether Pearl attaches any symbolic meaning to the letter, her mother asks if Pearl knows why she wears it. Ironically, Pearl replies that Hester wears the A for the same reason that the minister holds his hand over his heart.