What did Huck think a dead cat was good for?

What did Huck think a dead cat was good for?

“Say — what is dead cats good for, Huck?” “Good for? Cure warts with.”

What did Tom tell Aunt Polly about his toe?

Tom tells her that his toe really had been hurting—even more than his tooth. She declares that the tooth should be removed. Tom is terrified, protesting that the tooth doesn’t hurt after all, and that he’ll go to school. Aunt Polly proceeds to tie one end of a string to his bed-post and the other to his tooth.

What are three superstitions in Tom Sawyer?

Warts: Tom and Huck beleive thorouglyand do not question the implausible cures for warts they have grownup hearing. Dead cats: believed to be powerful and thererefore useful. Howling dogs: thought to portend death: First Tom and Huck think the omen is for them, but then see the dog howling at Muff Potter.

What does Tom Sawyer believe in?

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Topic Tracking: Superstition. Superstition 1: While religion is a routine obligation, superstition is the true faithful belief of Tom and many others. The various cures for warts that Tom and Huck discuss cannot be questioned, and there is always an explanation when they fail.

What happened in the graveyard in Tom Sawyer?

Summary and Analysis Chapters 9-11. That night Tom and Huck take the dead cat to the graveyard, where there they hear voices belonging to Muff Potter (the town drunk), Dr. After a fight between the three men, in which Muff Potter is knocked unconscious, Injun Joe stabs Dr. Robinson with Muff’s knife.

Why does Tom play hooky after his argument with Becky?

In the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Tom plays hooky after his fight with Becky. After his fight with Becky, Tom feels unloved and unappreciated. Tom believes that if he could be dead for a short time, people would appreciate him more.

Why wont Tom die when he and Joe are sword fighting?

Why won’t Tom “fall” (die) when he and Joe are sword-fighting? He said that wasn’t the way it was written in the book.

How does Tom get home Why does he go?

Terms in this set (48) He swam, then got on a scuff boat and went home. How does Tom get home? He took a boat and rowed it.

How does Tom feel when he sneaks back to town?

Tom swims out into the river and secretly holds on to the ferry, thereby hitching a ride back to the village. Tom feels a constant restlessness, needing to escape even from the island. Aunt Polly, Mary, Sid, and Mrs. Harper are reminiscing about their Tom and Joe when Tom sneaks into Aunt Polly’s house to eavesdrop.

What did Huck teach Tom and Joe?

That afternoon, Tom and Joe ask Huck to teach them how to smoke.

Why do you think Tom kisses Aunt Polly and runs away without leaving the bark?

Why do you think Tom kisses Aunt Polly and runs away without leaving the bark? tom is so conflicted because of aunt polly’s dramatic speech about tom’s hidden good side and how she loved him and missed him so much.

What was Tom’s great secret?

THAT was Tom’s great secret—the scheme to return home with his brother pirates and attend their own funerals.

What is Tom Sawyer secret in Chapter 16?

In desperation, Tom reveals his “secret,” a little plan that’s good enough to keep them from leaving. After dinner, Tom decides he wants to learn how to smoke from Huck. He and Joe puff on a pipe for the first time and boast about how much they love it, how they could smoke all the time, etc.

What happens when Joe and Tom Sawyer smoke?

After dinner, Tom suggests he and Joe learn to smoke from Huck, who proceeds to make pipes from some corncobs. Tom and Joe take to tobacco quickly, and begin bragging about how their schoolmates will be jealous. It is not long before both feel sick, and disappear into the woods to relieve themselves.

What happens in Chapter 12 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 12: The Cat and the Pain-Killer Becky Thatcher falls ill and stops coming to school. Aunt Polly discovers what Tom has done, but she begins to realize that “what was cruelty to a cat might be cruelty to a boy, too,” and sends him off to school without punishment.

What happens in Chapter 17 of Tom Sawyer?

The proceedings are interrupted when Tom, Joe, and Huck walk into the church, which was the secret plan that Tom had told to the other two boys back on the island. Tom and Joe’s families sweep the two of them up in their joy at finding them alive, while Huck is ignored.