What did Jean Valjean steal from the bishop?

What did Jean Valjean steal from the bishop?


How old is Gavroche in Les Mis?

Gavroche Male, 9-13. Fierce, brave and loyal. A Paris street urchin, Gavroche leaves home at an early age to fend for himself.

Who is Gavroche brother?

She still loves her brother Gavroche….

Gender Female
Family Monsieur Thénardier (father) Madame Thénardier (mother) Azelma (sister) Gavroche (brother) Two younger brothers
Religion Roman Catholic

What does Le Gavroche mean in English?

In French, the word Gavroche has come to mean “street urchin” and “mischievous child”. Sylvestre has a beer named “Gavroche” in honour of the character. The Michelin two-star restaurant Le Gavroche opened in 1967 by Albert Roux and Michel Roux, now owned by Michel Roux Jr., took its name from this character.

When did Le Gavroche lose a Michelin star?


Who is head chef at Le Gavroche?

Rachel Humphrey

What do you wear to Le Gavroche?

Do you have a dress code for the restaurant? Le Gavroche operates a smart dress code, jackets and ties are optional and we do not permit any t-shirts or sportswear.

How many Michelin stars does Michel Roux Jr have?

two Michelin stars

How do I get a table at Le Gavroche?

Reservation requests can be made by phone on 020 7408 0881 or with our online booking. We only take bookings up to 90 days ahead, the phone line is open Monday to Friday 9:30am-12.00am and 1pm-5:30pm but online reservations are active 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Does Le Gavroche have an a la carte menu?

Guests can choose from the À La Carte or the Menu Exceptionnel tasting menu, featuring Le Gavroche classics and contemporary French cuisine. Le Gavroche remains one of the capital’s most sought-after restaurants.

How many Michelin stars does Marcus Wareing have?