What difference came in Mandela opinion about?

What difference came in Mandela opinion about?

Answer: there were many difference in Mandela’s opinion about the meaning of freedom, when he was little boy and when he became young . while he was little boy , the meaning of freedom was to run in the field and to swim in the streams . when he became young , he realised that his freedom was an illusion.

What is the country’s greatest wealth?

Nelson Mandela – Long Walk To Freedom. According to Mandela, what is the greatest wealth of a country? The greatest wealth of his country is its people, who are finer and truer than the purest diamonds.

What are two obligations according to Nelson Mandela does every man have in life?

Mandela mentions that every man has twin obligations. The first one is to his family- parents, wife, and children. The second obligation is to his people- his community and his country.

What does Mandela mean when he says I was not born with hunger to be free?

It means that mandela did not have the desire to be free. As a child, he thought that he was free because freedom to him meant being free to swim in stream, run in fields ec. But when he grew old, he understood the basic standards of freedom and then, he started to desire for it.

What does Mandela born free mean?

Answer. He was born in South Africa a country where blacks (Africans who are black in colour) were discriminated. In this time period South Africa was banned to play cricket. That is why Mandela says he was born free.

Why did Mandela say that freedom is invisible?

Answer. Nelson Mandela in his speech on freedom said this words, “freedom is invisible”. Mandela realized not only he was suppressed, barred but also his people were too. Even the oppressor and oppressed both were suffering from the lack of freedom, according to him.

What does Mandela refer to as an extraordinary human disaster?

Answer: The extraordinary human disaster that Mandela mentioned at the beginning of his speech refers to the inhuman practice of apartheid i.e., the racial discrimination suffered by the blacks at the hands of whites in South Africa.