What do you wear when you graduate with a masters?

What do you wear when you graduate with a masters?

Students graduating with a Masters Degree normally wear mortarboards and tassels. Unless you specify otherwise, master’s tassels are sent black, to match the cap and gown. This is how most people graduate.

How much does PHD regalia cost?

Verona Student Graduate Regalia

Verona Student / Short-Term 1 2 to 9
Masters Cap and Gown $74.82 $70.23
Masters Cap, Gown, and Hood (5% discount) $121.33 $116.29
Doctoral Gown $243.32 $228.09
Doctoral Tam, Gown, and Hood (5% discount) $324.15 $306.87

What is the doctoral hat called?


What do you wear under regalia?

Women can wear dress pants or a skirt underneath their gown. Bright colored bottoms can distract from the formality of the graduation ceremony, so stick with dark-colored skirts or slacks. Men should either wear khakis or dark-colored slacks.

Can I wear black to graduation?

If you’re graduating in the spring, I’d recommend choosing a dress in a spring-y or summer-y solid color, or a bright, fun floral or other print. If you are graduating in the fall or winter, choose a dress in a darker solid color (but something still colorful — don’t just default to black!) or a darker floral print.

Are graduation dresses white?

White as a color symbolizes purity and innocence, which makes it common for wedding days and other formal occasions including graduation. Plus, white is always a foolproof match no matter what color your school requires your cap and gown to be. I picked out a short, pleated white dress.

What does graduating in white mean?

Something I’ve never heard of before I came to Hoover, was that senior students with a 4.0 and above receive the honor of graduating in white, leaving those who didn’t reach the achievement to walk in red.