What does freedom reign mean?

What does freedom reign mean?

It means to give a person freedom to act on his own authority. It derives from an equestrian term: free rein – a rein held loosely to allow a horse free motion; the freedom that this gives a horse. ( OED) The word rein derives from a word meaning “a bond, check” from a verb meaning “to hold back.

Will there be a free reign?

Free rein, meaning “unrestricted liberty of action or decision,” is often misinterpreted as free reign. The misinterpretation of the set phrase “free rein”—referring to unrestricted liberty of action or decision—as “free reign” is an eggcorn that writers struggle with all too often.

Is it free rein or free range?

Some can only move one space in any direction. Nevertheless, this spelling began as an error and many still consider it to be incorrect. As such, it is always better to write “free rein.”

Who does Zoe date in free rein?

Now, in the 10 all-new episodes, it’s summertime again, and there are many more adventures to be had for Zoe (Jaylen Barron), her horse Raven, her boyfriend Pin (Freddy Carter), her new bestie Gaby (Charlotte Jordan), the Pony Squad and the rest of the gang. “Zoe’s got everything she ever dreamed of.

What’s another word for free rein?

What is another word for free rein?

freedom flexibility
complete freedom freedom from restriction
freedom of action free hand
full authority room to manoeuvre
scope for initiative unlimited freedom

What is the opposite of gratuitous?

gratuitous(adjective) Antonyms: onerous. Synonyms: unfounded, unnecessary, baseless, unjustified, groundless.

What means carte blanche?

permission to do something in any way

Is Atrocious a bad word?

atrocious adjective (VERY BAD)

Which word is most closely related to atrocious?


  • abhorrent.
  • atrocious.
  • awful.
  • bad.
  • base.
  • beastly.
  • contemptible.
  • cursed.

Is mediocre worse than bad?

Mediocre films just aren’t interesting enough to get either of those. At least when you watch a genuinely bad film you feel strongly about how terrible it is. Well, in terms of quality, no because technically, it means it is not very good instead of the inferior “bad”. It is higher than bad.

What causes mediocrity?

7 causes of mediocrity: Confusion regarding strengths on the team. Fear of failure. Insecure team members. Over-commitment.

Why is being mediocre a bad thing?

Because mediocre means that you are wasting your own potential and likely bringing a negative outcome to those around you.

How do you live a mediocre life?

For those people who love the status quo, here are some tips to live a mediocre life.

  1. Keep your dreams very realistic.
  2. Listen to all the advice of others.
  3. Do normal – no crazy stuff.
  4. Be complacent.
  5. Laziness just has a bad name.
  6. Always look at the world from your point of view.
  7. Don’t commit yourself.