What does Satyagraha literally mean?

What does Satyagraha literally mean?

“Satyagraha” is a tatpuruṣa compound of the Sanskrit words satya (meaning “truth”) and āgraha (“polite insistence”, or “holding firmly to”). Satya is derived from the word “sat”, which means “being”. Nothing is or exists in reality except Truth.

What are the basic principles of Satyagraha?

The principles of Satyagraha

  • Nonviolence. Nonviolence means causing no injury, doing no harm.
  • Truth. Truth is nothing but doing what is right.
  • Non-stealing. Stealing may not always mean stealing things.
  • Chastity.
  • Non-possession.
  • Body-labor or bread-labor.
  • Control of the palate.
  • Fearlessness.

What was Gandhi’s doctrine of Satyagraha?

The doctrine of satyagraha propounds vindication of truth not by infliction of suffering on the opponent but on oneself. ‘ It is a means to secure cooperation of others consistently with truth and justice. Satyagraha seeks to eliminate antagonisms without harming the antagonists themselves.

Why is soul force important in Satyagraha?

He should have an unconquerable determination to fight for the supremacy of spiritual and moral values. Thus alone can he vindicate his sense of ethical devotion. Satyagraha means the exercise of the purest soul-force against all injustice, oppression and exploitation. Suffering and trust are attributes of soul force.

What is the difference between passive resistance and Satyagraha?

Gandhiji made a distinction between Satyagraha & passive resistance. Passive resistance does not exclude the use of physical force for the purpose of gaining one’s end, whereas Satyagraha excludes the use of violence.

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How is nonviolence different from passivity?

Nonviolent resistance means neither cowardice nor passivity. Nonviolent resisters are not cowards but strong individuals; it takes strength to resist the use of violence. If, however, resisters are nonviolent because of fear or because they do not have the means of violence, they are not practicing true nonviolence.

Who said beloved community?

Josiah Royce

What did MLK mean by beloved community?

Beloved community: a community in which everyone is cared for, absent of poverty, hunger, and hate. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. popularized the term during his lifetime of activism and imbued it with new meaning, fueled by his faith that such a community was, in fact, possible.