What does the black box symbolize in the chocolate war?

What does the black box symbolize in the chocolate war?

The black box represents that which keeps power in check. This box is appropriate for the world in which Cormier wrote The Chocolate War. The United States Constitution has measures in place to counteract illicit activity. Like the black box, it is a very old check on power.

Why is Jerry summoned before the vigils?

Terms in this set (6) Why is Jerry summoned before Vigils? To get Jerry to sell chocolates.

Why does the goober plan to quit the football team?

Why does The Goober plan to quit the football team? He wants to quit because he’s mad about the things happening at Trinity.

What methods do the students use to harass Jerry?

Of course, being beat up by younger kids is supposed to humiliate Jerry even more. In what ways is Jerry harassed at home? Prank calling at all hours and people outside his house calling to him in a taunting, threatening way.

What advice does Jerry give the goober?

The Goober asks Jerry to accept the chocolates. Jerry asks The Goober to stay on the team. The Goober says, “I’m not giving anything more to Trinity. Not football, not running, not anything” (23.41).

Who is Ellen Barrett Why does Jerry call her?

Ellen Barrett is the girl whom Jerry likes much that he calls her. As he calls her, she mistakes him for a guy named “Danny” & calls him a pervert.

What is ironic about how Archie sees Emile?

What was the irony about Archie’s picture of Emile? There was no picture, Archie was simply taking advantage of a ridiculous situation.

Why is Paul Consalvo trying to sell his chocolates?

Paul Consalvo is also trying to sell chocolates to reluctant customers in the neighborhood. He is depressed, and disgusted by many of his customers.

Who is Archie in The Chocolate War?

Archibald “Archie” Costello is the primary antagonist of the 1974 young adult novel The Chocolate War by the late Robert Cormier and its 1988 film adaptation of the same name, as well as its 1985 sequel Beyond the Chocolate War. He was portrayed by Wallace Langham.

How does Jerry feel after he refuses to take the chocolates what images fill his mind in the night?

How does Jerry feel after he refuses to take the Chocolates? Jerry feels unsure why he refused to take the Chocolates. It makes him not be able to sleep at night, the image in Jerry’s head is of death, and what happens in the human body when people die. Jerry takes the compliment/ still refuses the Chocolates.

Who is goober in the chocolate war?

Roland Goubert, popularly known as “The Goober”, quietly joins Jerry in refusing to sell the chocolates, but the 50 boxes he was to sell are sold by other boys and then credited to his name, helping keep up the illusion that every single boy but Jerry is eagerly participating in the sale.

Who is the biggest bully in the chocolate war?

Jerry Renault

What is the climax of The Chocolate War?

The climax of the climax, if you will, occurs when Jerry is brutally attacked by Emile Janza and at least ten other guys. In terms of chocolate mania, the climax of the climax is that moment when all the chocolates, except for Jerry’s fifty boxes, are sold.

How old is Jerry in The Chocolate War?


What happens to Jerry in The Chocolate War?

Most of the time there is backlash when someone decides to do his own thing, but the punishment Jerry undergoes is beyond that. His privacy is shattered, his home life disrupted, his homework stolen, locker trashed and his safety is compromise.

What does the poster in Jerry’s locker say?

Do I dare disturb the universe?

What are the vigils in the chocolate war?

The Vigils is the secret organization at Trinity high school. Everybody actually knows about it, but they pretend not to. Other than Carter, Archie, and Obie, we don’t meet the members.

Why did it take so long to publish the chocolate war?

There had been a nine-year gap between his last adult novel and this, his first book published for teenagers. The delay was occasioned by considerable publisher resistance to the book and also by Cormier’s own initial resistance to his agent’s suggestion that the book should be submitted as a young adult novel.

When was the Chocolate War banned?


Who stops the fight in the chocolate war?

Jerry blocks the punch, and the warfare begins. Janza decides not to abide by any rules, and punches Jerry over and over. Finally, after Jerry collapses, the lights in the stadium go off. Brother Jacques is there, stopping the ceremony.

What does Jerry discover about himself during football practice?

What does Jerry discover about himself during football practice? He discovers he could make the team, and that he has guts.

Why does Obie admire Archie?

Despite this hatred, Obie admires Archie for his cleverness, his diabolical plans, and he continues to act as Archie’s secretary. If he can maintain power over someone who hates him, it is easy to imagine how easy it is for Archie to maintain control over other kids, especially those afraid of him.

Does Jerry want to fight with janza Why or why not?

No, because he doesn’t want to go back to grammar school violence. How does Emile Janza finally provoke Jerry to become angry enough to fight? He calls him a queer and a fairy.

Why did Obie and Carter plan to use black box against Archie?

The black box has the potential to turn Archie’s genius against him. The purpose of the black box is to keep Archie from creating an assignment that is too cruel or extreme. Every time Archie creates an assignment, he has to draw a marble from the black box.

What does Jerry try to tell the goober just after the fight?

Jerry tells the Goober what he has realized—that it is best to just do what they ask and not to disturb the universe. Brother Jacques asks Archie why he did it.

How does Archie feel when Carter criticizes him?

Carter’s actions put Archie at a disadvantage. How does Archie feel when criticized by Carter? Surprised because he had the power to command people to do what he wants until Carter chose to go against one of the rules which technically made him like a rebel.