What drink is Oregon known for?

What drink is Oregon known for?

Pendleton Whisky ranked as one of the highest selling drinks in the state, selling more than $11 million worth of product this year, while HRD Vodka was crowned the most popular drink in Oregon based on volume. Oregonians bought 852,000 liters of HRD Vodka this year, that’s more than 224,500 gallons.

Can lemon trees grow in Oregon?

Although Oregon’s marine climate is temperate, it isn’t quite warm enough to grow lemon trees outdoors year round. However, there is a perfect solution for Oregonians who want to grow lemon trees, and that is to plant lemon trees that can be moved indoors during the winter months.

What should I bring home from Oregon?

What souvenirs to bring home from Portland Oregon.

  • Jacobsen Salt Co. Finishing Sea Salt (flavored and regular), Kosher Salt, Sea Salt Caramels.
  • Bee Local Honey.
  • Hand Made Pottery by Local Artisans.
  • Local Wine.
  • Fine Textiles.
  • Pendleton Wools.
  • Remember, Oregon doesn’t have sales tax, so shop to your hearts content!

What is Oregon known for growing?

Oregon’s a top vegetable-producing state and delivers a large potato crop. Green peas, onions, snap beans, sweet corn, hops, sugar beets and, of course, hazelnuts (filberts) are other Oregon crops. Oregon is also a top producer of berries, pears, plums and cherries. Apples are also grown in the state.

What are the top 5 commodities in Oregon?


  • Greenhouse & nursery $955,166,000.
  • Hay $674,280,000.
  • Cattle & calves $625,158,000.
  • Milk $552,096,000.
  • Grass seed $517,406,000.
  • Wheat $282,948,000.
  • Grapes for wine $237,784,000.
  • Potatoes $198,889,000.

What fruits can I grow in Oregon?

Fruit Trees: The apple tree is the most reliable fruiting tree in Central Oregon, followed by hardy Asian pear, European pear, plum, and sour cherry. You can also try peach, apricot, sweet cherry, hardy kiwi, and some kinds of nuts, but these trees may not bear consistently.

What are the most common jobs in Oregon?

Top 100 Jobs Relatively More Common in Oregon Than Elsewhere

Rank Job Local Popularity Index
1 Logging workers 40.6
2 Power distributors and dispatchers 18.8
3 Logging equipment operators 14.0
4 Foresters 12.0

What is the highest paid job in Oregon?

Table 1. Top 100 highest-paying jobs in Oregon (2020 survey)

Rank Job Description Average Salary i
1 Chief Executives $206,870
2 General Dentists $197,640
3 All Other Physicians; and Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric $193,760
4 General Pediatricians $190,710

What is the number one job in Oregon?

Table 1. 200 most popular jobs in Oregon (2020 survey)

Rank Job Description % of Empl. i
1 All Occupations 100.00%
2 Fast Food and Counter Workers 3.14%
3 Retail Salespersons 2.66%
4 Stockers and Order Fillers 2.12%

How much is minimum wage in Hillsboro Oregon?

Oregon workers must make minimum wage. The minimum wage is $11.50 per hour in non-urban areas, $12.00 per hour in standard counties, and $13.25 per hour in the Portland metro area. Oregon’s hourly minimum wage increases every year on July 1st.

What will the minimum wage be in Oregon in 2020?

Minimum wage increase schedule

Date Standard Portland Metro
July 1, 2018 $10.75 $12.00
July 1, 2019 $11.25 $12.50
July 1, 2020 $12.00 $13.25
July 1, 2021 $12.75 $14.00