What food is Whitstable famous for?

What food is Whitstable famous for?


Why were the Solent forts built?

The four Solent forts were built for the protection of Portsmouth and it’s harbour from sea attack and bombardment. The most likely “enemy” was the French. At the same time, land forts in Gosport and Portsdown were also built to counteract any other land or sea attack.

How many forts are in Gosport?


How many forts are in Portsmouth?

The Portsmouth defences can be split into four distinct groups of forts, comprising four sea forts built in the Solent, a group of forts on Portsea Island, a group of forts along Portsdown Hill overlooking Portsmouth, and a group of forts on the Gosport peninsula.

What is Fort Monckton used for?

Fort Monckton is a historic military fort on the eastern end of Stokes Bay, Gosport, Hampshire. Built on the ruins of Haselworth Castle to protect Portsmouth harbour at the start of the American War of Independence, it was rebuilt in the 1880s as a Palmerston fort.

How many castles are in Portsmouth?


Does Portsmouth have a castle?

Southsea Castle – Castle / Fort in Portsmouth, Portsmouth – Portsmouth.

Who built Southsea Castle?

Henry VIII

Why was Southsea castle built?

Southsea Castle was one in a series of forts constructed for King Henry VIII in what was the most ambitious scheme of coastal defence since Roman times. The castle was built in great haste in 1544, prompted by Henry VIII’s fears of a French attack on Portsmouth.

Does Portsmouth have a pier?

The South Parade Pier is a pier in Portsmouth, England. It is one of two piers in the city, the other being Clarence Pier. The pier once had a long hall down its centre which housed a seating area and a small restaurant.

Is Southsea a town?

The town of Southsea is located within the county of Hampshire. Southsea is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Portsmouth, council. The town of Southsea is in the Portsmouth region of Hampshire and Isle of Wight within South East (England).

Why is Southsea called Southsea?

Southsea began as a fashionable 19th century Victorian seaside resort named Croxton Town, after a Mr Croxton who owned the land. As the resort grew, it adopted the name of nearby Southsea Castle, a seafront fort constructed in 1544 to help defend the Solent and approaches to Portsmouth Harbour.

What is Southsea like to live in?

It feels creative, lively, interesting and friendly, and affordable. A Victorian seaside resort for 21st century living. I have been involved in the property industry for well over 25 years and spent most of my adult life in Southsea where I live very happily with my wife and our two daughters.

What’s it like living on Hayling Island?

Hayling Island is hugely residential, with a range of houses from average to very nice. But apart from the little railway (see my Review), Eastoke might as well be left to the locals to enjoy. The Witterings (go from Chichester southwards) offer a better seaside experience.