What happened in Greece after the war?

What happened in Greece after the war?

After the Greek War for Independence concluded, Greece became a monarchy. Ottoman rule and the war itself depleted the Greek economy and people turned to their leadership for aid. The monarchy did what they could. However, the people were still largely discontent.

Which side was Greece on in the Second World War?

During the course of the Second World War, the Axis Powers occupied Greece for just over 4 years, beginning with the Italian and German invasion of April 1942 and commencing with the surrender of German troops on Crete in June 1945.

Did Greece have tanks in ww1?

Greece didn’t have any tanks in the war. During the Second World War, although being severely outnumbered, counting only 79 aircraft against the 380 fighters and bombers available to the Italian Regia Aeronautica , RHAF managed to successfully resist the Italian invasion in 1940.

What gun does the Greek military use?


Weapon Caliber Notes
M16A2 assault rifle 5.56×45 mm NATO Used by special forces / Navy / ISAF Forces in Afghanistan.
M4 carbine 5.56×45 mm NATO Used by special forces / Navy
FN FAL PARA 7.62×51 mm NATO Used by reserved forces
M14 7.62×51 mm NATO Used by Hellenic Navy

What tanks does the Greek army use?

Main battle tanks

Quantity Type Origin
170 Leopard 2A6 HEL Germany Greece
183 Leopard 2A4/GR Germany

Does Greece have F 35 fighter jets?

The upgraded F-16Vs plus the Dassault F-35 will make Greece one of the most powerful air forces in the Eastern Mediterranean region, even more so than Turkey which only has older generation F-16s as its main fighter jets. “We are also upgrading Greek F-16s into Viper configuration this year.