What is a ∆ B in sets?

What is a ∆ B in sets?

The symmetric difference of two sets A and B is the set (A – B) ∪ (B – A) and is denoted by A △ B. A △ B is the set of all those elements which belongs either to A or to B but not to both.

What does P and C stand for in math?

Suppose we are given a total of n distinct objects and want to select r of them. This touches directly on an area of mathematics known as combinatorics, which is the study of counting. Two of the main ways to count these r objects from n elements are called permutations and combinations.

What does C stand for in stats?

The concordance statistic is equal to the area under a ROC curve. The C-statistic (sometimes called the “concordance” statistic or C-index) is a measure of goodness of fit for binary outcomes in a logistic regression model.

What does P and C mean in probability?

The probability of an event is shown using “P”: P(A) means “Probability of Event A” The complement is shown by a little mark after the letter such as A’ (or sometimes Ac or A): P(A’) means “Probability of the complement of Event A” The two probabilities always add to 1.

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What does P D C mean?


Acronym Definition
PDC Pre-Departure Clearance
PDC Professional Development Certificate
PDC Protective Device Coordination (software)
PDC Personal Digital Certificate (authentication)

What is PDC in project?

Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) Minor Construction Projects.

What is a PDC building?

A Prefabricated Power Distribution Center (PDC) is a modular, skid-mounted outdoor housing for auxiliary facilities and all switchgear equipment. The building is shipped with all equipment fully installed, interconnected, and tested by the manufacturer.

What does PDC stand for in logistics?

Parts Distribution Center

What is ASL in supply chain?

Allowable Supply List. ASL. Application-Specific Language. ASL. Adapter Scripting Language (programming)

What does OTP mean in supply chain?

On-time Performance

What does PR stand for in supply chain?

Purchase Requisition

What does RTC stand for in retail?

Release to Customer

What does SPT stand for in retail?

SPT just means “Sell Pretty Things.”

What is the full form of MSN in supply chain?

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management – Wikipedia.