What is an elephant ride called?

What is an elephant ride called?


What is a howdah used for?

A howdah, or houdah (Hindi: हौदा haudā), derived from the Arabic هودج (hawdaj), which means “bed carried by a camel”, also known as hathi howdah (hāthī haudā, हाथी हौदा), is a carriage which is positioned on the back of an elephant, or occasionally some other animal such as a camel, used most often in the past to carry …

What was Kari found of?

Answer: The narrator found Kari stealing the bananas. He pulled out Kari from the pavilion by the ear. He showed Kari to his parents.

Which commands must an elephant learn?

An elephant must be taught when to sit down, when to walk, when to go fast, and when to go slow. You teach him these things as you teach a child. If you say ‘Dhat’ and pull him by the ear, he will gradually learn to sit down.

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What is the command for sitting Kari?

What were the instructions for each command? Answer: Kari learnt the commands to sit down or stand up and walk fast or slow. The word “Dhat” was the command to sit down.

What commands was Kari taught by the author What do they mean?

Kari was taught to sit down, to walk, go slow etc. for sitting down instruction given was ‘dhat’ and then Kari was pulled by the ear. For walking instruction given was ‘mali’ and his trunk was pulled forward. Muxakara and 141 more users found this answer helpful. Thanks 78.

Why should an elephant be taught to sit down?

It is the most important signal for an elephant to learn because it is a way to find out the straight root to house if the master is lost in the darkness of jungle.

What was the word which author used to sit down kari?

Answer: Kari learnt the commands to sit and to walk. The word “Dhat” was used to make him sit.

What did the trunk of Kari look like?

The trunk looked like a black snake and he realised that Kari was the thief.

How did Kari save the boy?

he saw the boy who was about to drown and pulled him by the hand. But he found it difficult and was struggling in the water. Kari wrapped his trunk around the writer’s neck like a rope and pulled him ashore. Thus both the boys were saved.

What is the moral of the story bringing up Kari?

The moral of the story, “Bringing up kari”, is that we should underestimate nature in a way that animals can exceed the doings of a human being. In sumple words, the story depicts the moral that animals too have the ability of sometimes being more caring and loving than human beings.

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Why did Kari push his friend?

Kari pushed his friend, the narrator into the stream because there was a boy lying flat at the bottom of the river and he wanted him to save the drowning boy.

What did Kari develop a liking for?

Answer: Kari developed a liking for ripe bananas. 8. Who stole the bananas from the table near the window in dinning room. Answer: Kari stole all the bananas from the table near the window in the dinning room.

Which is the most difficult thing to teach an elephant?

master call

Why were the servants and then the author blamed for stealing bananas?

Explanation: The bananas were stolen again and again. First of all, the narrator’s family blamed the servants for eating all the fruit. The next time, the narrator himself was blamed for the theft.

What is the master call?

The ‘master call’ is a strange hissing and howling sound which is made in the elephant’s ear by his master. It is the most important signal for an elephant to learn because it is a way to find out the straight root to house if the master is lost in the darkness of jungle.

What was Soapy’s first plan?

Answer: Soapy’s first plan was to eat at an expensive restaurant and tell that he did not have money to pay for that. They would call the cops and the cops would take him to jail. The plan did not work because the he was stopped at the door of the restaurant by the head waiter.

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What does an elephant do when he hears the master call?

As soon as the elephant hears the master call it tears down the trees in front of it, one by one with its trunk. This achieves two purposes, one it frightens away all the nearby animals and second, a road is formed which leads straight to ones house.

What happens when an elephant acts in response to the master call?

What happens when one give a master call to elephant? Answer: The elephant act fiercely on master call. It pulls down the trees in front of it and frightens away the animals.

What is the age of Kari?

What is the age of Kari ? As of 2021, Kari ‘ age is 51 years.

How did the narrator look after Kari?

Answer:The narrator climbed up the trees to get luscious twigs for Kari. He took Kari to the river and rubbed him with clean sand. He cut the twigs with a sharp hatchet. He always heeded to the elephant’s call.