What is another name for a dome?

What is another name for a dome?

Dome Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for dome?

cupola rotunda
arch vault
arcade ceiling
covering roof
top bubble

What is noodle slang for?

1 : a stupid person : simpleton. 2 : head, noggin.

Why do people call brains noodles?

While you might think that noodles don’t really look like heads, they do kinda look like brains. Originally “using your noodle” was an insult – comparing a simpleton wagging his head around while thinking with a wet, floppy noodle. Nowadays, it’s no longer an insult and simply means “think about it.”

Is your noodle your brain?

use (one’s) noodle (“Noodle” here is slang for the head and, by extension, the brain. Often said as an imperative.)

What is the meaning of old bean?

old bean (plural old beans) (Britain, slang, dated, sometimes as a term of address) An old friend; an old chap or fellow.

Is Noodle another word for brain?

mind, intelligence (noun) noodle (noun)

What is a funny word for brain?

gray matter

  • bean.
  • brains.
  • cerebrum.
  • noggin.
  • noodle.
  • pate.
  • smarts.
  • upper story.

What is the scientific word for brain?

The cerebrum, consisting of the cerebral hemispheres, forms the largest part of the brain and overlies the other brain structures. Behind the brainstem is the cerebellum (Latin: little brain). The cerebrum, brainstem, cerebellum, and spinal cord are covered by three membranes called meninges.

What do you call someone with no brain?

Words Related to brain-dead. cretinous, feebleminded, simpleminded.

Which is the second largest part of the brain?


What are the 4 major divisions of the brain?

Lobes of the Brain and What They Control Each brain hemisphere (parts of the cerebrum) has four sections, called lobes: frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital.