What is another word for steady?

What is another word for steady?

What is another word for steady?

constant unvarying
continuous unchanging
consistent unwavering
ceaseless changeless
uniform undeviating

What means steady?

firmly placed or fixed; stable in position or equilibrium: a steady ladder. even or regular in movement: the steady swing of the pendulum. free from change, variation, or interruption; uniform; continuous: a steady diet of meat and potatoes;a steady wind. constant, regular, or habitual: a steady job.

What is the opposite of steady?

steady. Antonyms: infirm, variable, unsteady, inconstant, changeable, wavering, illregulated. Synonyms: firm, fixed, constant, uniform, consistent, equable, regular, undeviating, well-regulated.

What is the opposite of slow and steady?

Antonyms for Slow and steady wins the race v. crank up. v. delays are dangerous. do it quickly.

Which means almost the same as steady?

The words equable and even are common synonyms of steady. While all three words mean “not varying throughout a course or extent,” steady implies lack of fluctuation or interruption of movement.

What’s the opposite of boring?

What is the opposite of boring?

interesting fascinating
riveting gripping
absorbing engaging
engrossing exciting
stimulating exhilarating

Is complex is opposite to easy?

“The math problem was straightforward and Will Hunting’s genius was not required to solve it.”…What is the opposite of complex?

straightforward elementary
noncomplicated uncomplex
unfancy easy-peasy
plain understandable
unambiguous comprehensible