What is Hiei last name?

What is Hiei last name?

Jaganshi Hiei

Who did Kurama marry?

Though he planned to only stay for ten years, eventually he began to love Shiori for how much she cared for him, and he now chooses to live both as Shuuichi Minamoto and Yoko Kurama.

Is Hiei a human?

Hiei is known as Imiko” (“cursed child”), because he is a male fire demon born to a kōrime” (“ice maiden”), an all-female race.

What race is Hiei?

male fire demon

Who is stronger Kurama or Hiei?

He’s physically stronger and faster and has full knowledge on Kurama while Kurama is still the most intelligent character in the whole series and despite Hiei’s knowledge could still potentially outsmart anyone even those who do have knowledge on him.

Who is the strongest in Yu Yu Hakusho?

Yu Yu Hakusho: 15 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

  • 8 Saizou.
  • 7 Enki.
  • 6 Yomi.
  • 5 Mukuro.
  • 4 Genkai.
  • 3 Shinobu Sensui.
  • 2 Raizen.
  • 1 Yusuke Urameshi.

How fast is Hiei Yu Yu Hakusho?

Seiryu was put at a speed of around mach 1-2 for what he did. And Hiei cutting down Seiryu was calced at mach 16. There was also a calculation that put Toguro’s thumb flicking speed at 5,000 km/s for him to create the air bullets. From there it’s all speed scaling.

Does Yukina know Hiei?

Anyway- I feel like one of the more interesting “untied threads” from the end of the story is the fact that it was pretty much shown in Eizou Hakusho that Yukina KNOWS Hiei is her brother, and Hiei knows Yukina knows. Hiei has some harsh no kayfabe rules so he’ll deny til he dies.

Is Hiei in love with mukuro?

Hiei doesn’t believe in love, but he has the capacity to as seen through the way he treats Yukina. However, Hiei and Mukuro are both ‘dark’. It’s easy to sexualize the way Mukuro revealed herself to Hiei as an action of lust or love, but if you think about it, she revealed herself as an equal.

Does Hiei tell his sister?

It was never told. It was never told. Anyway, it wouldn’t make a big difference. Yukina wasn’t really actively looking for her brother after being saved and stayed.

Who loves Hiei?


Is Junko still alive?

She’s alive in the first game, having used her twin Mukuro to fake her death after Sayaka’s murder. She’s finally exposed in the final trial, and allows herself to be executed after hope triumphs over despair.

How old is Junko Enoshima now?

Junko Enoshima
Age 17 during trigger havoc
Date Of Birth December 24,1993
Height 169cm
Zodiac Capricorn

Who had babies with Junko?

who do you think try to had children with Junko body?. Definitely Teruteru.