What is socio/political situation?

What is socio/political situation?

adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] Socio-political systems and problems involve a combination of social and political factors. sociopolitical issues such as ecology and human rights.

What are the two main types of pressure groups?

Outsider and Insider groups

  • Outsider pressure groups are those whose aims do not have the support of the government.
  • By contrast, insider pressure groups have the support and attention of government and officials who will often approach them for advice as well as having regular discussions.

What is a cause pressure groups?

Causal pressure groups promote causes or values, as opposed to the interests of a section of society. They therefore tend to seek a broader membership than sectional pressure groups and are also likely to be less influential with government.

What is pressure group give a few examples?

A pressure group is an organisation which attempts to influence government policies through protests and demonstrations. Pressure groups are formed when people with similar opinions get together for similar objectives. Examples of pressure groups are FEDECOR and BAMCEF.

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Why is the functional representation provided by pressure groups important?

Their proponents argue that by providing functional representation, pressure groups prevent a ‘tyranny of the majority’ forming in society. Pressure Groups also serve to help educate the public on the impact of decisions made in government and can hence mobilise public opinion in an influential manner.

What is the functional representation?

Functional representation is where there is representation in a legislative or political body based on the economic and social groups in a community.

What does functional representation mean?

: representation in legislative or other political bodies based on the economic and social groups of a community.

Why is functional representation important?

As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of the functional representation is that it reduces the transfer of functions across shapes to a matrix product, without resorting to establishing point-to-point correspondences. Then each point on the target map will have a set of values for each of the transferred segments.

What are the positives of pressure groups?

Advantages of Pressure Groups

  • Expertise. One advantage of pressure groups is that they have considerable knowledge about their particular cause or interest.
  • Gives Minorities a Voice.
  • Raise Awareness.

What is the purpose of a pressure group?

The aim of all pressure groups is to influence the people who actually have the power to make decisions. Pressure groups do not look for the power of political office for themselves, but do seek to influence the decisions made by those who do hold this political power.

What are the strengths of the pressure group?

The advantages of pressure groups are that it gives the public and minorities a voice. They act as a safety valve for disappointments, as in pro-hunting and anti-Iraq war protests. Also, pressure groups raise public awareness of issues.

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What is the advantage of pressure give three examples?

it saves time . it makes us focus . preservers our interest . this are the three advantages of pressure .

What is the advantage of pressure?

It makes us focus. It makes us hone in on the one thing that must be done at a given moment in time. It forces us to eliminate distractions and simply get it done. And with such intense focus, it also helps us get it done well.