What is the best heavy weapon bf2?

What is the best heavy weapon bf2?

Best Heavy Class Star Cards

  • Star Card 1: Resourceful.
  • Star Card 2: Ion Torpedo.
  • Star Card 3: Ion Turret or Barrage.
  • Weapon: FWMB-10K. Mod: Auto Cooling. Mod: Ion Shot.

What’s the best Star cards for heavy?

The Basics The top Star Card in this list for the Heavy class in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Barrage tool. This launcher is not only helpful when the soldier is in its element, but also pretty fun to use for the player. Upon activation, the trooper pulls out a grenade launcher that can shoot a volley of explosives.

How do you unlock new snipers in Battlefront 2?

To unlock them you simply have to play a lot with a selected class because weapons are unlocked by completing milestones connected to kills with a given class – kill 50 enemies in multiplayer to unlock the first weapon (Strike and Blast modes are the best for that).

How do I unlock my TL 50?

In order to unlock this heavy blaster, players must get 20 kills as an Imperial soldier, get 75 heavy blaster kills, and win one game of Battle Station. This heavy blaster has the fastest rate of fire, with a maximum of 700 RPM.

What is the best blaster in Star Wars Battlefront?

The E-11 is the perfect all-rounder. This powerful and accurate blaster is the standard weapon for the Imperial Forces. Dealing tons of damage at long range, the robust T-21 just suffers from a slow rate of fire and lack of optics. This blaster pistol fires five-round bursts that are perfect for close-quarters combat.

How do I unlock el16hfe?

Steady, sturdy, and built for medium to long-range combat distances, the EL-16HFE was the preferred blaster rifle among fighters with the Resistance. class. It is unlocked after eliminating 400 enemies with the Assault.

How do you unlock s5 in Battlefront 2?

The S-5 is a primary weapon in DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II available for the Officer class after getting 50 kills with the Officer.

How do you unlock the NT 242 in Battlefront 2?

The NT-242 is a sniper rifle available for the Specialist class in DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II. It is unlocked after getting 400 online kills with the Specialist class.

Can you unlock weapons in co op Battlefront 2?

How do you unlock guns on co-op mode | Fandom. You unlock them the same way as normal. You just get kills with a class and you get a weapon for said class. If you get kills with a weapon that you unlocked, you get attachments for it, such as improved range, rapid fire, and even explosive shots.

Do coop kills count for milestones?

Co op kills not counting towards milestones.

Do milestones count in single player?

They count for the arcade milestones. They don’t count for the trooper milestones. For the headshot one you have to finish the match, I learned that the hard way when I needed 700 head shots and after 20 minutes of grinding I ended up with 0 because I ended the game early.

Can you complete milestones in single player?

Only in multiplayer. The only milestones that can be achieved in Arcade are under the Arcade Milestones section, just as the only milestones that can be achieved in the Campaign are in the Campaign Milestones section.

Does Battlefront 2 arcade give XP?

1 Answer. Arcade mode does not appear to count towards Trooper Challenge unlocks, class experience points, or overall experience points. Also some single player modes may add to the hero progression because when one receives cards it jumps up that hero one experience level.

Does custom arcade count towards milestones?

For those looking for extra crafting parts. 25 crafting parts for 250 kills for each troop class.

Do you gain XP in Arcade Battlefront 2?

No, but you can on Co-Op. and it’s double XP right now. And with only four players per team, it’s not a fight to get heroes.

Does instant action give XP?

Since Instant Action is offline/single player, you can’t level up weapons, earn XP, achieve progress towards milestone, etc.