What is the moral lesson of how do you build a fire?

What is the moral lesson of how do you build a fire?

To Build a Fire by Jack London is an interesting story that elaborates on people, their nature and power as well.

  1. The moral of the story is that one should not think of themselves as superior and powerful than anyone.
  2. No one has more strength than nature itself.

What occurs as the man tries to light the fire a second time?

What happens as the man tries to light the fire a second time? In paragraph 21, the man successfully builds a fire, and he reflects that the old timer who gave him advice was wrong. The text states, “​He remembered the advice of the oldtimer on Sulphur Creek, and smiled.

Why does the man’s third fire go out?

When the time to light a third fire comes, his hands have got frosbitten to keep it burning. The man has managed to light it , but as he knows he will not be able to handle the matches to light it again, he spreads it – snuffs it – out and the fire , finally, goes out.

Why does the man fail in to build a fire?

But, his fingers are numb from the cold and no matter what he does, the man fails at building his fire. Without a partner who could build a fire for him, the man is doomed because he has lacked the natural instincts of the dog and the “imagination” that comes from experience.

What type of dog is in to build a fire?

This dog is described as a “big native husky, the proper wolf dog, gray-coated and without any visible or temperamental difference from its brother the wild wolf” (6).

What kind of dog is in to build a fire?

Why does the man build a second fire in to build a fire?

He has learned from the old-timer on Sulfur Creek that he must build a second fire to prevent frostbite to his foot which would prevent him from walking.

Is to build a fire ironic?

London uses dramatic irony to great effect in his story “To Build a Fire.” In the story, a man is walking from one camp to the next through the Alaskan wilderness, accompanied only by a dog, in extreme cold.

What does the man fear in to build a fire?

Panicking, he starts to run along the trail. He is blinded by fear greater than anything he has ever experienced. The man is trying to be practical when he is overwhelmed for the first time by fear of his own death.