What is the number 1 attraction in Florida?

What is the number 1 attraction in Florida?

Walt Disney World, located in Lake Buena Vista near Orlando, is the flagship of Disney’s worldwide theme park empire and the most popular tourist attraction in Florida. It is also by far, the world’s largest and most-visited theme park resort.

What is Florida’s famous food?

These 13 Iconic Foods In Florida Will Have Your Mouth Watering

  • Florida Orange Juice. Flickr/Caitlin Regan.
  • Key lime pie. Flickr/Wally Gobetz.
  • The Cuban Sandwich. Flickr/jeffreyw.
  • Conch Fritters. Flickr/Steve Grant.
  • Florida Stone Crab. Flickr/Wally Gobetz.
  • Strawberries/Strawberry Shortcake.
  • Craft Beer.
  • Apalachicola Oysters.

What are 5 facts about Florida?

10 Fun Interesting Facts About Florida

  • Florida has the most golf courses of any state in America.
  • Approximately 1,000 people move to Florida each day.
  • There are no dinosaur fossils in Florida.
  • You must register your car in Florida — even if you only live there part-time.
  • Florida’s state flag features St.
  • Florida is the flattest state in America.

What is so special about Florida?

The Land. Florida has the longest coastline (1,197 statute miles) in the contiguous United States, with 825 miles of accessible beaches to enjoy. It’s the only state that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Key West is the southernmost point in the continental United States.

What can I bring back from Miami?

16 Uniquely Miami Things to Buy

  • Cigars. Whether you are a sophisticated cigar aficionado or a stogie newbie, in Miami you have hit a tobacco puffer’s jackpot!
  • Local Jams, Preserves and Honey.
  • Alligator Taxidermy Products.
  • Aquarius Beachwear.
  • Art Deco Posters.
  • Key Lime Products.
  • Native American Miccosukee Crafts.
  • Peace.