What made Anne Frank write a diary Class 10?

What made Anne Frank write a diary Class 10?

Answer: (a) Anne Frank was disturbed even after being surrounded by so many people because she didn’t have any true friend. (b) Anne decided to write a diary because she could not confide in anyone and felt lonely.

Why is Mr Keesing annoyed with Anne?

Keesing was annoyed with Anne because she was very talkative and this distracted everybody in the class. He assigned her extra homework asking her to write an essay on the subject ‘A Chatterbox’.

What did Anne write in her last essay?

Anne Frank wrote in her last essay in the form of beautiful poem. It was about a mother duck and father because they quacked too much. The poem written so Beautifully that Mr keesing give his own comments and read it to many classes.

Do U think Mr Keesing was a strict teacher?

Yes, Mr. Keesing was a strict teacher. He did not allow students to talk in his class as he wanted them to concentrate on their studies. He often punished Anne for talking in between classes by giving her essays and extra work.

Is Mr Keesing unpredictable?

Mr Keesing could be termed as unpredictable. The way Anne always talked while the class was going on, any teacher would lose his temper. However, after several warnings, all Mr Keesing did was to assign her extra homework. He did not even assign her any more extra homework.

What kind of teacher is Mr Keesing?

maths teacher

How was Mr Keesing as a teacher?

Keesing was an old fashioned teacher of Anne. He had very old ideology of teaching Mathematics to it’s students. He was quite strick about discipline in his class. On finding Anne talking again and again he gave her homwork to write essay/poem 3 times on different topics.

What kind of man was Mr Keesing?

Answer. Mr Keesing was a strict teacher. He thought that talkativeness is a distraction and does not help you to study. He was particularly annoyed with Anne and asked her to write an essay on “chatterbox” the person who talks too much.

What kind of a teacher was Mr kissing?

Keesing was a strict teacher. However, he was not rigidly strict. He expected discipline and silence in his class while he was teaching, which is acceptable. He punished Anne by asking her to write an essay on ‘A Chatterbox’.

Why did Mr Keesing call Anne an incorrigible chatterbox?

Keesing was Anne’s math’s teacher. He was annoyed with her because she talked too much in his class. After several warnings, he gave her an extra homework in which he asked her to write an essay on the subject ‘A Chatterbox’.

Who was Mr Keesing Why was he angry?

Keesing was Anne’s Maths teacher. He was annoyed with Anne because she was a very talkative girl and talked too much in his class. He assigned her extra homework, asking her to write an essay on the subject, ‘A Chatterbox’.

Who is Mr kissing?

Answer Expert Verified Mr Keesing was an old maths teacher at Anne’s school. He was very strict by Nature. He would not tolerate anyone talking in his class. Naturally, he remained quiet annoyed with Anne who was no doubt the Chatterbox.

How did Anne make fun of Mr Keesing What was the result?

This time Mr keesing had enough. He gave her the topic of “Quack Quack Quack -said miss Chatterbox”. He thought that this topic would make Anne a joke in front of the class. This way, Anne Frank made a joke of Keesing turn on himself.

Was Mr Keesing satisfied with her arguments?

Keesing liked her arguments that she was like her mother who was more talkative than her. Mr. Keesing, being a hard task master wanted to ridicule Anne and so gave her two more assignments ‘Quack Quack Quack’ and ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox’.

How was Anne Frank an original creative and imaginative girl?

Anne Frank was a creative and imaginative girl since childhood. She would imagine things and would be lost in her own world. She was creative enough that she tackled the essay given to her by her teacher as a punishment in a humorous and meaningful way with convincing arguments on the topic of the essay.

Why does Anne not want her diary read?

Answer: because she had no true friends and she thought that no one would have interest in the muisings of a 13 year old school girl.

Why did Anne keep her diary?

Answer: Anne decided to keep a diary, as she had no “true” friend. She figured paper had more patience than humans did. She had caring parents, a sixteen-year-old sister and about thirty people she could call her friends. She knew the situation would never change so she decided to keep a diary.

Was Anne an intelligent girl?

Anne was indeed a very intelligent girl. She was a thirteen years old school going girl, but her diary shows that she was mature enough for her age. She decided to write a diary because she felt that paper was more patient than people. Only an intelligent girl could think so wisely and deeply.

Why did Mr Keesing give extra homework to Anne?

Mr Keesing was her Maths teacher. He was annoyed with Anne as she talked much in the class. He gave her several warnings but it had no effect. One day, he punished her by giving her extra homework.

Do you think Anne Frank was far more intelligent?

Answer: yes! she thought so much that she needed to write a diary shows that she was intelligent. Anne was also intelligent enough to realize that no one would be interested in her musings.

What does paper is more patient than man?

Anne writes in her diary that, “Paper is more patient than people,” as a means of expressing the difficulties of sharing her often complex adolescent thoughts, feelings, and experiences with those around her.

Why was 26th July called a tumultuous day by Anne Frank?

26th July was a tumultous day. It was full of tension and fright. The first warning siren went off in the morning but nobody paid any attention to it because it only meant that the planes were crossing the coast. It was only around two in the afternoon when the sirens went off again.

What does Anne give to her family?

Answer. Explanation: Anne Frank tell tells the story of her family who live in Frankfurt, Germany and suddenly have to go into hiding as a result of Hitler and the Nazi Party’s treatment of Jews in Europe during the second world war. They escape to Amsterdam where they go into hiding with other Jews.

Why did Anne introduce her family to Kitty?

Anne gives an introduction of her family in the ‘diary’ because she believed that otherwise, no one would understand anything she wrote in her diary. Kitty was technically an ‘outsider’ as the diary was gifted to Anne by her father on her thirteenth birthday.

How does Anne feel about her mother?

Anne feels that her mother is cold, critical, and uncaring, that they have very little in common, and that her mother does not know how to show love to her children. Like Margot, Mrs. Frank is mentioned almost exclusively in instances when she is the source of Anne’s anger and frustration.