What point of view is the life you save may be your own?

What point of view is the life you save may be your own?

Perspective. Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “The Life You Save May Be Your Own”, is told from a non-omniscient 3rd person point of view.

Who are the characters in the life you save may be your own?

The Life You Save May Be Your Own Characters

  • Tom Shiftlet. Tom Shiftlet, the 28 year old protagonist of the story, is a one-armed traveling carpenter.
  • Mrs. Crater.
  • Lucynell Crater. Lucynell lives with her mother, Mrs.

Why does Mr Shiftlet marry Lucynell?

Crater is selfish in wanting to use her daughter simply to get a handyman. She lures Mr. Shiftlet into marrying Lucynell with the promise of money and the use of the car.

Why did Mr Shiftlet leave Lucynell?

Shiftlet is chronically afraid of responsibility. The last thing he wants to do is to commit himself to a long-term relationship, especially with someone he doesn’t even know all that well. Taking Lucynell off Mrs.

Why did the boy jump out of the car in the life you save may be your own?

The world is almost rotten.” Later, when he is fixing the car, he comments that “the trouble with the world was that nobody cared, or stopped and took any trouble.” By the end of the story, after he has abandoned the younger Lucynell Crater and caused the hitchhiking boy to jump out of his car, he “felt that the …

What does Mr Shiftlet pray for at the end of the story?

What prayer does Shiftlet offer at the end of the story? He prays for the Lord to “break forth and wash this slime from the earth.”

What does Mr Shiftlet do with Lucynell in the story?

Shiftlet when she dies, he agrees to marry Lucynell. She also lets Mr. Shiflet take Lucynell to a hotel for a honeymoon.

What does Shiftlet do when Lucynell falls asleep at the hot spot?

What does Shiftlet do when his Lucynell falls asleep at The Hot Spot? He leaves her there with a boy who is feeling her hair. He decides to rent a room at the nearby hotel.

Why does Mr Shiftlet say he is not married yet?

why does shiftlet say he cannot marry her, and what causes him to change his mind? the old woman says he can live there for free and have their car. he says he cannot marry lucynell because he does not have money. he eventually changes his mind when the old woman offers him money.

What do they say about the life you save?

The title of “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” means that for some people, saving their own life and looking after their own needs comes first. To these people, their selfish needs and wants are far more important than taking care of other people or trying to improve or save their lives.

What was Mr Shiftlet after staying with the old woman and in the end marrying her daughter?

Shiftlet marries Lucynell, the daughter, he will be able to stay in the house and wed the most innocent girl in the world.

What happens at the end of the life you save may be your own?

The final irony in “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” occurs after Shiftlet’s prayerful outburst in the car. A few minutes later, large raindrops begin pelting his car. The ironic message for Shiftlet is that his own actions have made him exactly the kind of slime he wishes to have washed from the earth.

What does Mr Shiftlet do with the old car?

He agrees to marry Lucynell and, once he has a chance to take the car off the property, dumps the girl at a roadside diner and steals the car along with the money Mrs. Crater had given him. Fixing the car provided Mr. Shiftlet the opportunity to continue his drifting lifestyle.

What did the old woman really want from Mr Shiftlet?

O’Connor, Flannery Mr. Shiftlet persuades the old woman to hire him for work around the farm and for repairing a car. She says she can feed him but not pay him. Over a period of a few weeks he repairs the car (which is what he really wants) and offers to marry Lucynell if her mother will give him some money.

Which type of Southern Gothic character is represented in O Connor’s the life you may save may be your own?

Isolated lower class

Which best describes the irony in the excerpt the heat of the day?

Which best describes the irony in the excerpt? The heat of the day is indicative of Mr. Shiftlet’s negative feelings of his life and situation.

Which excerpt from Soldier’s Home is the best example of irony?

Answer: The excerpt from “Soldier’s Home” that would be the best example of irony is: Nothing was changed in the town except that the young girls had grown up. They all wore sweaters and shirt waists with round Dutch collars.

What ironic details lead you to believe that Mrs Mallard will be truly grieved by her husband’s death?

Mallard’s reaction to her husband’s death is an example of situational irony becauseyou would expect her to grieve more and be sad when finding out about her husband’s death, but her reaction was the opposite of that. Mrs. Mallard was overcome with joy and could not stop whispering to herself that she is now free.