What problem did peasant families face?

What problem did peasant families face?

Peasants lived in unhygienic and disease-ridden environments. Their water supply was typically filthy, as it was also where people deposited waste. Most peasants bathed once or twice throughout their entire lifetime. Peasants lived in small houses, which were also filled with bugs and disease.

How do you spawn colonialism?

Colonialism can appear from 1500 in a province that:

  1. Is in Europe, Asia or Africa.
  2. Is a coastal province.
  3. Is in a state.
  4. Is not an island.
  5. Is in the capital area of its owner.
  6. Is the capital or has at least 12 development or is a Costal Center of Trade.

How do you embrace feudalism?

The only way to get Feudalism as a native american is to reform while bordering a province belonging to a nation that’s embraced feudalism.

How do you spawn renaissance in Asia?

In case of the Renaissance, development seems to be the way to go if you’re nowhere near Europe. Get some final techs before the tech cost hikes, then develop a 20+dev central province in your empire until it gets Renaissance. Then let it spread from there naturally.

How do Japanese spawn the Renaissance?

You do that by developing one of your own provinces, generally you need around 700 in all your monarch points, and you should ideally spawn it in an area where it’ll quickly spread to your more developed provinces, since to embrace it you need to have a certain percentage of your development with the institution …

How do you increase Institution spread?

Choose a province or two where the institution is already spreading quickly and develop them to hasten the progress. Certain institutions have particular conditions for spreading, for example Manufactories spread faster if your province has, surprise, a manufactory.

How do you spawn in global trade?

Forcing global trade is fairly easy however as long as you get started on it early. Build manufacturies in provinces with expensive trade goods (Cloth, Salt, Iron, Copper, Fur) in the node where you want to spawn Global trade, as well as the nodes that feed into it.